Finally got my mount back
Whitetail Deer
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WVFarrier 06-Aug-20
JohnMC 06-Aug-20
Bou'bound 06-Aug-20
From: WVFarrier

WVFarrier's embedded Photo
WVFarrier's embedded Photo
I was super proud of this guy, not because of antler size (obviously) but because it was the hardest stalk i ever made on an animal. My stand was 150 yards away from where he bedded down. The stalk took me 2 hours in the rain, after slowly moving my stand around to the back of the tree so i could discretely climb down. I ended getting to within 8 yards to make my shot. Fortunately mother nature cooperated with heavy rain and the wind stayed in the face. I told the taxidermist to "have fun". It has wolf teeth and crocodile eyes!!! Gonna be quite the conversation piece.

As long as it is not over the fireplace:-)


From: JohnMC
Whatever floats your boat...

From: Bou'bound
the sad thing actually looks better than some that guys really think look good when they get them back.

It's less offensive to tell a hunter his baby is ugly than it is to tell him his taxidermist screwed up his mount.

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