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Is this idea acompletely ridiculous idea
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From: coyote

coyote's embedded Photo
coyote's embedded Photo
I’m headed to Colorado for the Aug 15 archery opener. I realize the rut won’t be on but. . . . . .when I do hunt the whitetail rut I always use a doe in heat scent. I’ve never seen any scent advertised for antelope. My ridiculous idea ? What if I sprinkled some whitetail scent out near my blind ? There are some whitetail, as well as mule deer, in the area where I will be hunting so deer scent might not be a completely foreign substance to an antelope. Maybe it might draw them in out of curiosity. Or maybe it would spook them.

Anyone ever experimented with any kind of scent ?

From: JohnMC
I’d say the less out of the ordinary the better when setting water holes for antelope. I’d also think and antelope that gotten close enough to you to smell a scent already committed to coming to tank. I have messed with decoys at water holes and they only spook them.

From: coyote
I have no idea why or how I managed to insert a pic of some crappie I caught this year ! ??

Put your pronghorn camo outfit on, then roll around on top of the mess of crappy,it will probably work better.. jk....

From: 76aggie
That is a nice mess of Crappie.

From: Treeline
Crappie cover scent??? Probably not the greatest idea...

I've sprayed down blinds with sent killer but really not ever worried that much about it. If there are cedars, that is probably the best cover scent.

Good luck!

From: ahunter76
Been several times waterhole hunting with others. We've had blinds up 1st day & Antelope come in & water. They don't seem to worry about scent but beware of those eyes. Added scents "my opinion" unnecessary.

From: scentman
Since you have used my name in this post, I would refer the question to Bou on if "scentjuice" would be appropriate for this situation. ;0)

From: HDE
Crappie and antelope are some of the best eating wild game you can ever get.

From: Paul@thefort
Forget the scent. Water is the attractant.

From: Buffalo1
"Don't blow your cover!" If they are comfortable frequenting a waterhole let'um come drink. That's why they are there.

From: Ollie
Why mess around with introducing a foreign scent? I see far more potential for it to wreck your hunt than help it. Just make sure that you and your gear are clean and that the wind is in your favor.

From: Mr.C
I thought you were gonna ask if I set up my bear bait like a fish camp will it bring in more bears lol

From: LBshooter
Go with some herd in a stick, works great and smells like deer, Should work just fine.

From: Tradmike
My experience is that Antelope are not as scent conscious as deer. Dont introduce an unfamaliar scent as you begin your hunt.

From: Thornton
You've way overthought the hunt. Good luck

From: Rut Nut

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