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Timing on berries in Colorado
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Titan_Bow 10-Aug-20
JohnMC 10-Aug-20
Brun 10-Aug-20
kadbow 10-Aug-20
Ermine 10-Aug-20
From: Titan_Bow
Guys, My son and I are going to really try and focus on getting a bear this year in Colorado. The season opens Sept.2. We found a big rock slide area at 9600-9800 feet, that is absolutely covered in raspberries, elder berries and currant. The currant bushes seemed to not have any berries on them at all. Have those already ripened and been eaten ? We did find 4 piles of scat, one of them was full of seeds.

The raspberries had a lot of unripe berries on them, but my concern is that they’ll ripen and be eaten before the opener. Anyone know when wild raspberries typically ripen? Last question; an area like this, I’d say maybe it’s an acre or two in size, with berries growing all around the edges of the rock pile, how long would these berries hold a a bear ? I could almost imagine a bear whose mind is set on eating berries, could wipe this whole section out in a day or two.. We did set a camera up to hopefully catch some cool pics, but just looking for feedback and experience on what you’ve seen as far as the timing of these berries before or during the bear opener, Sept 2.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

From: JohnMC
9200 ripe raspberries yesterday.

9600' raspberries are prime the first week of season in my northern CO spot. By the the third week its tough to find good ones.

From: Brun
I have ripe raspberries at my house now, 7900' They seem a little bit early this year, but you should have ripe berries the first part of the season at those elevations. Good luck.

From: kadbow
Was eating ripe berries at 8600’ last week. Usually still have ripe ones in September.

From: Ermine
Seems like a lot of the berries are earlier than normal this year.

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