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The Wildlife Conservationist Loss
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From: Buffalo1
Got this email from DSC this aft-

"DSC Mourns Loss of TPWD Conservationists in Helicopter Crash

------------------------------------------------------------ (DALLAS, August 10, 2020) DSC is deeply saddened to learn of the helicopter crash at the Black Gap Wildlife Management Area (WMA) that took the lives of three Wildlife Division staff. The team working for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) was conducting aerial surveys for desert bighorn sheep. The victims include Wildlife Biologist Dewey Stockbridge, Fish and Wildlife Technician Brandon White, and State Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Bob Dittmar. The Black Gap WMA is in Brewster County in west Texas. The pilot, a private contractor, survived the crash and was transported to El Paso for further treatment.

Corey Mason, DSC Executive Director, said, “When one of our conservation partners falls, we all are affected deeply, but the loss of not just one but three friends and conservation professionals is devastating. The DSC community extends its sincerest condolences to the families, colleagues, and friends—to all who knew Dewey, Brandon, and Dr. Dittmar.”

The trio of conservationists were “consummate professionals, deeply liked and highly regarded by their peers and partners alike for the immense passion, dedication, and expertise they brought to their important work in wildlife management and veterinary medicine,” said Carter Smith, TPWD Executive Director. “No words can begin to express the depth of sadness we feel for the loss of our colleagues in this tragic accident.” Smith also expressed concern and hope for the recovery of the pilot from his injuries."

From: Quick Draw 1

Quick Draw 1's embedded Photo
Quick Draw 1's embedded Photo
My heart aches for the Texas Parks and Wildlife family, and was completely broken when I got the call about it. I've gotten to spend a lot of time with the guys running the bighorn sheep program, ever since they guided me for a desert sheep in 2015. Dewey, the biologist that was lost in the crash, was my guide. My wife and I stayed close afterwards, as we did with many of the other team. The team is a very small, close-knit group, and is obviously devastated by their loss. Dewey was an amazing guy, and totally dedicated to the bighorns. He leaves behind a beautiful wife, a five year old son, and a one year old daughter. His family, as well as the others, could definitely use our prayers and our support. A really sad time. This is Dewey on the right. A real fine, young man.

That is terrible news. Those helicopter capture and or surveys are dangerous duty. We owe them our gratitude for the their efforts and risk.

From: bowbender77
Very tragic. Gods speed and prayers to all impacted.

From: kscowboy
Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

Nice hat--Go Frogs!

From: KSflatlander
How tragic to lose such dedicated biologists/conservationists. This is the 3rd aircraft related crash in 2020 carrying biologists doing surveys that I have heard about. Two other crashes doing eagle surveys in the Midwest. Prayers out to the family. Heartbreaking.

From: Treeline
Very tragic loss. I forwarded to a college buddy who had worked on the sheep research project out there years back. He knew the vet that was killed.

From: TrapperKayak
Truely sad for all...colleagues, friends and family . Devastating for his young wife and their children, and the others' families as well. Being a fellow Fish and Wildlife Manager, I really feel for them. Their dedication and the risks in flying in this line of work says it all. Praying for God's intervention to help ease the pain for all.

From: Will
Very sad news. Rest in peace!

From: goelk
Prayers for families Rest in Peace

From: deserthunter
4 guys in a 3 man chopper on a very hot day is a recipe for disaster. Very sad for everyone concerned in this

From: crestedbutte
Deserthunter…..from info. provided, how do you know it was a 3 man chopper? Is that the typical helicopter used for aerial surveys?

From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo

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