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A little concerned...
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I'm a little concerned about my wife's bow and bear hunting. Right now, we have some nice bears coming in and I don't want her going in with a set up that is not up to the job. She shoots a youth Mathews at 42# with Magnus Stingers. Does this bow have the power to do the job on bears over bait at 15-20 yards? I know bears die easy if hit well in the lungs but I want to make sure we don't have any issues. Her arrows are Gold Tip 3555 and are 24" long.

From: Kurt
Your wife's bow has a lot more zip than than my buddy's son's bow (PSE Scamp, around 30#s) that he shot his first black bear with many years ago! Only take a good broadside shot or slightly quartering away shot and stay behind the shoulder. Shot placement is everything, make sure her broadheads are flying well out of the bow and have her shoot broadheads from an elevated position as high as the stand will be into a foam target. Good luck!

From: Snuffer
Wife has same setup except 45 lbs. She has killed elk, gemsbok warthog and more.

From: fubar racin
My wife shoots a 45#ish hoyt with a heavy arrow and got a pass through on a cow elk at 22 yards.

From: Zebrakiller
She is in great shape np hope she pounds a giant

From: Jaquomo
Yep, what Kurt said. I helped a 62 year old woman kill a moose with a 46 lb longbow. Killed dead and quick. Your wife's setup will be just fine.

From: Shawn
I would just make sure she shoots an arrow that weighs around 375-400 grains since she has a short power stroke. Shawn

From: Bou'bound
those heads will be very effective


Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo
Small bones on bears if hit properly. Good to go.

From: Huntcell
Damn Charlie your drinking buddy needs to change brands.

From: Scoot
Make sure the broadheads are sharp and avoid the leg bone. She'll be golden beyond that! Good luck!

From: Ucsdryder
Sounds like a pretty light arrow. What’s her total weight?

From: Bowfreak
I agree with Ucsdryder. You probably only have around a 300 gr. arrow. I'd add some arrow weight and try to get closer to 400 grains.

I am in agreement that her setup will do it, you just need the proper arrow with the proper broadhead.

From: Nick Muche
My wife has killed a bunch of bears with a mid 40's compound and several grizzlies with a 50lb. All but one were shot with Slick Trick standards, one was with a Magnus buzzcut. I don't think you have much to worry about, just stay away from the shoulder.

From: Keith
Show her that you have confidence in the set-up. If you do, so will she. If she is not completely confident, it will alter her shot.

From: Brotsky

Brotsky's embedded Photo
Brotsky's embedded Photo
Yes, more than enough. Just put it in the goodies.

From: Stubbleduck
Plenty of energy to do the job. Also, every black bear I've ever seen hit with an arrow, good hit or bad hit, live or video has promptly headed for the next county. I don't see much danger in the immediate area although I suppose there might some risk when following a wounded bear. I've not heard of such issues, again speaking of black bears, and I expect most folks carry a rifle or shotgun when pursuing a wounded critter....I know my guide certainly does.

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