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Fixed blade accuracy
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NIson 13-Aug-20
HDE 13-Aug-20
Grey Ghost 13-Aug-20
EMB 13-Aug-20
Ucsdryder 13-Aug-20
sundowner 13-Aug-20
Dale06 13-Aug-20
midwest 13-Aug-20
Shawn 13-Aug-20
Buffalo1 13-Aug-20
WapitiBob 13-Aug-20
jstephens61 13-Aug-20
Ermine 13-Aug-20
Glunker 13-Aug-20
bowhunter24 13-Aug-20
Reggiezpop 13-Aug-20
Cheesehead Mike 14-Aug-20
Will 14-Aug-20
12yards 14-Aug-20
carcus 14-Aug-20
onmyway 15-Aug-20
ahunter76 15-Aug-20
APauls 15-Aug-20
kentuckbowhnter 15-Aug-20
rattling_junkie 15-Aug-20
Pop-r 15-Aug-20
jingalls 16-Aug-20
ground hunter 16-Aug-20
Brotsky 16-Aug-20
craigmcalvey 16-Aug-20
PECO 16-Aug-20
Clinton Gowin 16-Aug-20
Predeter 16-Aug-20
stringgunner 16-Aug-20
Trophyhill 17-Aug-20
From: NIson
I've been thinking of going back to fixed blade heads this year. I'm curious with bow being well tuned and sighted in which heads you've had the best accuracy from. I've used muzzy, magnus, g5 monte's in the past

From: HDE
VPA, Slick Trick, Wac'em all fly equally well.

From: Grey Ghost
Oh we go. Pass the popcorn.


From: EMB
Any of those should do fine. Basically, any quality broadhead should do just fine. Take care choosing and building your arrows too.

From: Ucsdryder
Muzzy. I heard their 1992 technology is still the best...

From: sundowner
13-Aug-20 heard right.

From: Dale06
I’ve found excellent accuracy with Slick Trick, Magnus Stingers, Magnus Serazor, Exodous, and Iron Will. Currently using Iron Will.

From: midwest
For replaceable blade heads, I like a single piece, solid ferrule like Slick Trick. Less tolerance stack up and stronger.

I think if I comment here I'll meet criteria for insanity.

QAD Exodus or iron will for me.

Remember, whatever drag is being created on the front of your arrow, will need to compensated by more drag on the nock end. Even a well tuned bow's point of impact can vary just a little broadhead to broadhead, but a gaudy fletching configuration like four flex Fletch 360 with 2 degree helical can drag enough to increase this forgiveness factor head to head or shot to shot, but it may be overkill and slow down your arrow too.

There was a great Muzzy thread from last week :)

From: Shawn
If the bow is tuned most any quality head. VPA have been my favorites at least 12 years. Remember quality, meaning they spin true, weigh within a grain or 3 and can be made scary sharp also hold up to the game you hunt. Shawn

From: Buffalo1
+1 Shawn. I think you covered subject well. It’s both tuned bow and quality BH.

From: WapitiBob
I sighted in at 40 with field points, screwed on my old favorite thunderhead 125 and missed by 10”. Screwed on a slick trick standard and shot the fletching off the fp arrows. I went with the slicks. The st’s were the best grouping fixed Broadhead I’ve shot after I fixed them. You’ll have to mix/match blades on each ferrule to get them to spin because of the front edge/back edge tolerances. If you’re worried about the tip to ferrule concentricity, spin them without the blades.

From: jstephens61
Magnus Stingers and ViperTrick are my go to heads in that order. Both fly great for me.

From: Ermine
I’ve been shooting Iron Wills with some great accuracy

From: Glunker
There are die hards still using thunderhead 125s but why. The faster the arrow the more critical their flight is. The ferrule bends too easily and the point design is 3 generations old in penetration ability. Other than that they are a great head.

From: bowhunter24
Scheel's has a great deal online on viper tricks...

From: Reggiezpop
Ram Cats haven’t failed me yet


Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo
Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo
I'd been shooting slick tricks for several years with good results.

Last year I shot some G5 Strykers and they group a little better than the Slick Tricks. I hunted with them last year and killed a 6x6 bull and 3 whitetail bucks. This is a 70 yard group I shot last week with the Strykers.

From: Will
Well tuned bow and any should fly well. My fav fixed is a Slick Trick Mag... But there are zillion good ones.

From: 12yards
Magnus Stingers and NAP Hellrazors are what I've had great flight with. And I'm no expert bow tuner. I try to get a bare shaft in with fletched arrows at 15-20 yards and if I can, these heads fly great.

From: carcus
If your hunting deer sized game stick with mechanicals, anything bigger go with a quality fixed, i like exodus

From: onmyway
Wasp Drones fly great for me

From: ahunter76
45+ years with Rocky Mountain 3 blades. See no reason to change & a wide variety of biggame to their credit.

From: APauls
If you are tuned we’ll you can shoot any quality head. The bigger it gets, the less forgiving it will be. That’s just science. The bigger it is, the bigger the hole you get.

I know they are not a top brand anymore, but every rocket head i have used whether its fixed or expandable has flown exactly like my field points.

I've had amazing results with the QAD Exodus. This year I am messing with VPA and have had great flight while practicing. But my bow is tuned.

From: Pop-r
Still shooting 125 Montec's and very happy with them! Went to an Ulmer's Edge for a couple of years but I'm back and have been for several years. They fly just great for me!

From: jingalls
QAD Exodus, SlickTricks...lots of good ones!

For me I like both the Strykers and the Ram Cats. The Ram Cats fly great, well they both do, but in my opinion are sharper, scary sharp, and believe me Strykers are sharp.

Ram Cat though is quiver specific, and Strykers are not...... lots of good stuff,,,,,,

From: Brotsky
RAD Rival, flies awesome and great blood trails!

From: craigmcalvey
Magnus or slick tricks for me

From: PECO
VPA head, and a whisker biscuit rest is probably the most accurate combo out there. Simple, set it and forget it.

Slick Trick Magnum 100's and QAD Exodus 100's shoot great for me. I still have some Razor Trick 100's that fly great as well. Lots of good stuff out there. Good luck and God bless!

From: Predeter
Excellent flight from RamCat and Ironwill.

Shot Muzzy for years but switched a few years ago after I couldn't get any out of a full package to spin.

From: stringgunner
Stay away from Muzzys they are old school and out dated apparently, along with any camo that’s nots Sitka or KUIU or hats with curved bills.

From: Trophyhill
yesterday was broadhead grading day for me. just kije being the teacher at school. A, B, C, F. A' s & B's make the cut. i have probably 10 - 12 variations of A, A+, A-.

5 B or B+, and half a dozen that did not make the cut. these were shot from my D350. it will be interesting to see how my SR6 shoots these same arrows. before grading my arrows, i took a few shots with the SR6 with fixed COC SlickTricks and those 3 or 4 arrows were all over the place. good possibility the SR6 won't make the cut this year with no time to keep taking it back to the shop. i think i got a lemon in this SR6.......

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