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Chest holsters/binocular setups
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Jasper 17-Aug-20
JMG 17-Aug-20
Brotsky 17-Aug-20
RJ Hunt 17-Aug-20
TurboT 18-Aug-20
From: Jasper
Buying a Glock 20 soon for my 2021 caribou hunt. Let’s hear about how you carry (chest holster wise) along with binoculars that doesn’t interfere with shooting. Please post pics as well. Thanks! John

From: JMG
Check out FHF binoharness and the Razco chest holster that attaches to the binoharness. Razco also make just a chest holster.

From: Brotsky
Lot of guys run the Kenai from Gunfighters Inc and then their bino harness over the top.

From: RJ Hunt
X2 on kenai from gunfighter inc.

From: TurboT
Glock 20 in a kenai holster with Kuiu bino harness Over it. Pistol handle is positioned to the right below my chest and doesn’t interfere with glassing or my pack.

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