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A New Way to Hunt
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From: Annony Mouse

Annony Mouse's Link
The next step in the evolution of bowhunting...

From: JohnMC
Might as well include it in archery season if you think a crossbow is archery.

From: LBshooter
It is already legal in Illinois I believe. I shot one at cabelas, would never own it, let alone hunt with it unless a disability would cause the use. The air tank is under huge pressure and you need to buy a separate tank to fill. I don't think you'll see one in the field.

From: Dale06
That doesn’t resemble bowhunting in any way shape or form.

From: elkmtngear
Can't just replace a string with air, and call it "archery".

Nice try!

From: JohnMC
From a performance stand it is almost exactly a crossbow. Very similar arrow speeds. Claims rifle like groups (however the crossbows are claiming at 100 yards this thing at only 70 yards). Both are shouldered and shot just like a rifle. Can't see any reason someone pro crossbow in a bow season would have any problem with this thing...

From: Tradmike
Crap, more issues to fight.

From: itshot
is there an ebike mount option? if not, i will just wait

From: Norseman
It’s AiRCHERY... What a joke!

From: JohnMC
Norse LOL

From: Two Feathers
3,600 psi, 450 fps and half the cost of my longbow.

I’m not sure that’s legal in Illinois. Has been proposed though. I’m not in favor of this

From: Kannuck

Kannuck's Link
How about this option... at least it has a string.

From: Grey Ghost
I love the mission statement of the company in Kannuck's link.

"Some lessons can only be learned the hard way, amassing time in the field. When you strip away the challenges you impose on yourself, you become more available to enjoy the pure challenges of the hunt."

So, by that logic we should all be "hunting" with drones equipped with heat seeking cameras and homing missiles to "enjoy the pure challenge of the hunt". What a joke.


Thankfully, Wyoming addressed this last year. Not legal.

From: JohnMC
Matt or on e bikes...!

From: greg simon
Next step...Powder Archery Season. Hell, I already have a Powder Bow! It shoots really short bare shafts, really fast!!!

their logic implies going full center fire rifle season all year long.

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