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Check out my 2019 Buck self filmed
Whitetail Deer
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Hogmister13 20-Aug-20
WV Mountaineer 20-Aug-20
35-Acre 21-Aug-20
PECO 21-Aug-20
midwest 21-Aug-20
LiveOutdoors 21-Aug-20
From: Hogmister13

Pretty dang awesome. Even better hearing you give glory to God for allowing you the moment

From: 35-Acre
Congrats! Doesn't it always figure that they go under the tree you move from?? That's my luck.

From: PECO

PECO's Link
Nice hunt, congrats on a great buck!

That link is to your hunt.

From: midwest

From: LiveOutdoors
Great video thanks for sharing! I do have to ask though, do you wear a harness? I didnt see one in the video. Be safe for your family and friends sake!

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