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Utah general archery guidance
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BackWest 21-Aug-20
CFMuley 21-Aug-20
BULELK1 21-Aug-20
From: BackWest
I just relocated to Utah and picked up a general archery tag. Been scouting a few units with mixed results. Here's my take, but would love anyone else's that knows these areas better than a newbie like me. Kamas/South Slope: Spent three days up past Mirror Lake. No sign at all. Didn't even see any deer. I hear there are elk up there, but they must be WAY back there. I hiked four miles in and saw nothing. Wastach Mtns (AF Canyon): TONS of people, saw very little sign. I'm sure it may be great for rifle, but for early season archery...I'm skeptical. Wasatch Mtns (SF Canyon): Not as many people as in AF Canyon, but plenty. Came across a good amount of sign, but habitat seemed more sparse/limited (mostly sage and juniper). I would really appreciate any guidance someone may have as to other units, like Central Mtns-Manti or Oquirrh-Stansbury. I'm not asking for GPS coordinates of someone's honey hole, but just looking to not waste my time scouting those units if its not worth it. Thanks!

From: CFMuley
The Manti has the largest elk herd in the state. You spend enough time around there you’ll run into elk. Really, any of the limited entry areas will hold plenty of elk, and they shouldn’t be too hard to find with enough glassing and a little bit of hiking. Open bull/ general areas, can be extremely tough. It’s taken me years of hunting to have spots that I can actually even see elk in general areas. We went 3 for 3 in 5 days on bulls on the general archery hunt last year, but we put on over 10 miles each day hunting. I’d just pick a good limited entry unit, and go stick a cow or spike if you’re just wanting to get an elk.


BULELK1's Link
If ya have any interest in going over to one of the Any Bull General units, see my link above.

Good luck, Robb

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