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Thermacell Question
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tobywon 21-Aug-20
wraith8 21-Aug-20
Joey Ward 21-Aug-20
Bou'bound 21-Aug-20
Ucsdryder 21-Aug-20
Razorsedge 21-Aug-20
South Farm 21-Aug-20
Rut Nut 21-Aug-20
From: tobywon
When you use the Thermacell for a 2-3 hours at a time and then may go a few weeks or even months before using it again, do you keep using the same pad for a period of time? Is it still effective? I typically change out the pad more often like this and then end up with more butane than pads. I don't typically see just the pads for sale, its usually the kit. I did see just pads with a backpacker kit online. I know some of you keep the same pad and infuse it with repellent. Just wondering what others do with sporadic use like this.

From: wraith8
From what I've read, they're good until they turn white, so I don't change mine until then. They seem to work fine, even after an extended period between uses.

From: Joey Ward
I usually carry a zip lock snack bag. Slip the pad out, squeeze the air out, and seal the pad inside. Slip it inside thermacell sheath for next time out. Seems to extend the pad life for me.

From: Bou'bound
Zip lock bag here too. But in reality they are always extra pads since you run out of gas in the refill packages before you use the pads. Pads are cheap and always laying around. The gas is the gating factor

From: Ucsdryder
I run out of gas before pads. I’ve considered the backpacking one since you can run with a canister. So I don’t worry about babying the pads.

From: Razorsedge

Razorsedge's Link
Not to hijack the thread, but you guys know there is a hack to re-fill the butane back into the bottles, at pennies to re-fills. Here is the best link I could find.

From: South Farm
I use mine over and over. Typical usage for me has been 4 hours out of a pad and 8 hours out of a butane cartridge. Some guys say don't use 'em bear hunting, but I do and I've never had any issue killing bears while using one. I did make the mistake once of turning it off thinking the bugs weren't so bad afterall. BAD IDEA! lol!

From: Rut Nut
Just an FYI here. I have the backpacker that uses the isobutane fuel canisters(same one I use with my Jetboil) So I get just the pad refills. They are the same pads you use for the other Thermacell. Just harder to find without the little butane cartridges. I had to order online from Cabelas last time.

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