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Light packable rain gear that keeps you dry. What’s the best

I’ve been using Cabelas Space Rain for years. It’s lightweight and takes up very little space. I used to carry more bulky rain gear, but invariably it would end up left in camp, so I’d rarely have it when I needed it.

From: Stoneman
I switched to Scree rain gear a few years ago and have been very satisfied. I still have my Cabelas space gear for backup.

Thanks I had a gander mountain suit for years which worked pretty well until it finally had to many rips. Looking for another just want to put my money to work not wasting on different suits that don’t work

From: Geno
Cabelas space rain for me as well.

From: Chief 419
Browning Hells Canyon makes decent lightweight rain gear. It doesn't pack-up as small as Cabelas Space Rain, but is durable and dry. I also have Kuiu Chugach rain gear. Great rain gear, but it takes up more space.

From: t-roy
Another vote for the Space Rain.

From: carcus
The space rain gear is ok but is very fragile, my pants didn't last a day where I hunt elk, good emergency rain gear I guess

From: BigSkyHntr
Kuiu chugach

From: BC
Rivers West makes light, medium and heavy weight rain gear. Very good.

From: Ermine
Sitka makes some light weight rain gear

From: txhunter58
I agree with Carcus: Space rain pants wouldn’t last long where I hunt. Between slipping down and going thru brush they get tears/ holes easily. And now that they have become popular they are almost $100 per Piece! People that use them will tell you to carry duct tape in you pack to make repairs. The tops will last a bit longer because they are on upper body so protected a little more.

I loved cabelas rain suede but they discontinued when BassPro bought them out ?? I watch for sales and buy Sitka or comparable brands for half price.

I have owned several brands I have Kyiv chugach it’s ok but in I real heavy downpour I get wet. I experienced getting drenched in turkey season. I hear good things about first lite. Belly Hanson etc

From: Jaquomo
Space Rain here too. I don't wear them for hunting, only for protection from unexpected downpours or dreaded fall hail storms. The set is always in the bottom of my pack when scouting, hiking, fishing, hunting.

Whatever you get, make sure it is small and light enough that you carry it. The best rain gear does no good back at the truck when that thunderstorm comes over the mountain and you're three miles in.

From: Robert2968
frogg togg

I have the lightweight stuff from Cabelas also, always in my pack, but I still don't like hunting while wearing it. So I also carry a small folding umbrella, in September the rain & hail storms are usually short lived and I just hunker down under a spruce tree with the umbrella till it's over. Then gaitors will usually keep my pants dry while walking through wet grass or brush. If the rain doesn't let up I'll eventually put the rain gear on.

X2 on the Frogg Toggs. Alot tougher than people think.

From: Bou'bound
Kuiu chugach

From: Grey Ghost
Another longtime Space Rain user here. I usually carry the jacket only, since heavy rain isn’t too common in my area, and I don’t mind if my pants get a little wet.


From: Sivart
I did a ton of research on this. Here is what I came up with. This pertains to backpack hunting where weight is always an issue.

Cableas space rain: lightest, cheapest, not as durable, stays in my pack if no rain in forecast

Kuiu Chugach: light, but durable, expensive, breathable, fairly quiet for rain gear. This goes with me on any extended backpack hunt. closest thing to perfect rain gear IMO.

Sitka thunderhead: not as light (but not super heavy), durable, quiet (has brushed fleece, but that makes it heavier). This is what I would use for treestand hunting in the rain.

From: Stix
X3 on Frogg Toggs

From: EMB
My experience has been is that if you don't get something with Gortex, you're going to get wet.

From: Norseman
I bring full “Gordon’s Fisherman” for camp. Just carry a 55 gallon drum liner in my day pack.

From: midwest
Space Rain top only for hunting out west.

From: Thunderhawk
Frogg Toggs. Light, and tough handles the bush of the UP and Ontario. Keeps me dry on Lake Superior, with wind, pretty good test

From: txhunter58
My wife has a set of Frogg toggs. As stated, pretty tough and light. But not ideal on quietness and wouldn’t want to try and wear a jacket while shooting a bow

From: wytex
Core4elemnt rain suit here, been great and still like new. Checked put some Sitka stuff at Murdoch's, expensive but looks and sounds great, very quiet. A good rain jacket and some gaiters work fine, no rain pants needed here.

From: elkmtngear
Space Rain...I'm somewhat low budget !

Never wear the pants, just gaiters!

From: 76aggie
Lots here are big fans of Space Rain. I like them too and they are always in my day pack when hunting locally. If off in BFE I depend on something more substantial. Personally, I prefer First Lite in rough country and where I am certain to get rained on. They are very tough and I have never had it leak through. For continued use in very rainy and brushy locations, I think the Space Rain would not hold up well and would leak through in heavy rain. Just my personal experience though.

From: Beendare
I used the Space rain when it first came was good but deteriorated after about 5 years.

I have been using the Kuiu light stuff...NX I think they call it and its fantastic. I also have the Chugash...which is a little heavier, more durable and I use that when there is more extended rain periods.

If a guy only wanted one set, Chugash.

I've had many Gore tex garments over the years and all failed me. I got sucked in to a cheap Camp fire deal on the Sitka pants in tall- perfect fit...but year 2 they failed me on Kodiak where I wear LJ's and then just the rain pants. I even refreshed them before the trip. No more GT for me.

From: KSflatlander
I sold my Sitka Thunderhead rain gear because it as too heavy and opted for KUIU Northridge for a lightweight backpack/daypack rain gear.

First Lite storm tight here. I love it and won't look back. Light weight, durable, and fairly quiet.

Chugach. Buy it off the classifieds post season for next year.

From: RT
First Lite SEAK.

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