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Scent control
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What’s everyone’s opinion on ozonics? I have a couple friends who swear by it. I have never used I always felt the wind was your best scent control. Opinions welcome

From: Inshart
I have one, used it a few times -- I'm not much of a gadget guy and to me, it was more trouble than it was worth.

I will say, it worked pretty darn good. Prior to going out I took a shower in unscented soap, sprayed myself and all my clothes with scent shield. I was in a ground blind and set it up as soon as I got situated.

About an hour later had a doe and small buck come by. I watched them coming from a couple hundred yards away. At about 30 yards they hit direct down wind, both stopped, raised up to smell the air a couple times and went right back to feeding.

Another time was just about the same, doe and fawn came by down wind at about 70 yards. This time I was in a tree stand. They both stopped smelled the wind - the doe continued to act a bit suspicious for about 2 minutes then just went on her way - the fawn after one quick smell, went right back to feeding.

I haven't used it in about 3 years and would sell it pretty cheap if someone is interested.

From: LBshooter
Get yourself some herd in a stick, a lot cheaper and it works, also nose jammer.

From: Will
I'm lazy - I just dont want to carry all that into the woods with me... The stand/saddle, bow, etc... every trip is enough :)

Interesting to hear how it works though!

From: Slate

From: Thornton
Slate is correct. Whitetails smell in parts per million. Nothing covers that up. under the right atmospheric conditions or times when the animal is in rut or unsure of a new scent, a deer will often stand downwind with not a care in the world. These scent control companies lay claim to these circumstances and proclaim it was their product that enabled it.

From: Paul@thefort
Do not under estimate an animals ability to detect human smell. A recent example while pronghorn hunting last week. First I use a no scent soap right before the hunt. Fresh clothing washed in the same soap. Prior to getting into the Dark Horse blind, I sprayed down with a No-scent spray from head to toe. I then used Nose Jammer around the blinds windows. An hour later a group of 5 bucks came to within 70 yards down wind. There was even a bull cow standing between me and the pronghorn group. THey did not spook from the bull cow but from human scent that they got a nose full even with all of the preparation I did to try to be human scent free.

From: LBshooter
The herd in the stick and nose jammer work. I have had mature does on heavily hunted public land come in up wind of me at 40 yards and not budge. I believe there is no way to Cover up a deer sense of smell, but I do believe that you can make your scent less threatening. I have watch does stop and sniff my track and lift thier head and continue on feeding. It confuses them , so spend 20 bucks and see for yourself, you'll be a believer.

From: Scrappy
Are all these ozone threads just bots trying to get free advertising on all the forums??

From: Jtek
Scent control will rarely to never fully defeat a deer's nose. However, 90 precent of the serious hunters I talk to on the subject never consider their number 1 scent issue. Their breath. These guys are clean freaks and use all the fade scent control tools but they eat super spicy foods and don't even think of the odor on their breath. TheraBreath mouth wash would be a great start for them. Worked great for me according to my wife when my breath reeked while on a heavy fat burn diet. What you eat can even smell on your body. I can smell garlic on my wife a day or 2 after she eats it.

From: Grey Ghost
I've gone full circle on all scent control measures. I bought into the hype big time at first. Then I realized all the extra steps and costs really made no difference in my success rates. Now, I just hunt the wind and forget about the rest of the nonsense.

I do plan on trying Nose Jammer to see if it's worth the hype. Cover scents have always been more effective than scent control for me.


From: greg simon
Forget about this scent control talk. I want to hear more about this "bull cow" that Paul saw!!! Was it possibly an animal owned by Bruce Jenner? Or, um, Caitlyn, or whatever...?

From: Highlife
Yes I would like to see some pictures of this bull cow.

From: Inshart
Ha, assuming you meant a "bull cow" as in the moo kind - not elk kind. LOL

From: Scrappy
Ok ok this has gone to far now that guys are saying their wife stinks. That's way to personal, if your wife has an oder issue send her to a spa for a day for a full workup :) :)

From: Shawn
Listen to John Eberhart, sorry but I think his scent lok and his methods are a bunch of BS. Ozone however can work in the right conditions, ecsp from enclosed blinds. Shawn

From: WVFarrier
I tried Ozonics for the first time last year and was pretty impressed by it. I normally use baking soda for most of my scent control needs and it works pretty well for me. The Ozonic unit was loaned to me to try out. I had several bear come in from down wind. They tasted the air a few times and walked right past me only stopping to smell the air periodically. None of them seemed to be able to smell "me" and at that point i wad sweating. It couldve been a combination of the baking soda and ozonics or either one. Regardless it made for a fun day.

From: ohiohunter
Has anyone had yogi come into camp looking for the source of the vanilla deliciousness aka nose jammer?

From: Bou'bound
Gimmick. Maybe Marginally better than scent loc but at least scent loc left you with a garment

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