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From: Ridge815
Looking for a good back pack for chasing whitetails this fall. Id like a good size pack I can strap my bow to that would hold my gear and snacks for an all day sit. I make some long walks in to hang and hunt on public land. Looking to spend around $200 or less. I like the look and reviews I've read on the Horn Hunter G3. Anyone have experience with this pack or have other suggestions to look into ?

From: EMB
Check out the Badlands line. I use a Superday in the fashion you describe.

Look at the Badlands tree stand pack. It will do everything you want but its not a heavy hauler. I attach mine to my climber stand to hike in. The only thing I miss is I wish it came with a waste belt. It will carry more then you need comfortably.

From: Jagwab
I have a 25yr old Dwight Schuh pack. Originally bought for elk hunts, but its comfortable enough to hunt in all day and modular to adapt for stands or a camelback and butt pack. Never have found a replacement I like better.

From: ohiohunter
x2 on badlands. I picked up the dos diablo... its fancier than I deserve. It comes with bow/gun bucket.

From: Kannuck
Yup... love my Badlands Superday pack. Comes with bow/gun holding system and a waist belt.

I've heard people complain about the durability of the zippers on Badlands packs, but I've had mine for a bunch of years and uncounted miles now with no issues. (...knocks on wood)

From: EMB
No issues with zippers on mine either. The only issue I have with my Superday at all is where they put the holsters. They're too far back for me. If I need my pistol, I'm gonna really need it. So, I just used a holster with a spring clip and mounted it further forward on the waist belt. I use the existing holsters for a GPS or Inreach.

From: milnrick
Check Alpz ContenderX. Also go to their website for a pretty substantial discount.

From: Bowboy
Another Superday user.

From: Scoot
Personally I'd be looking at a very cheap camo pack that I could put on a frame pack, along with you're stand, sticks, and bow. A kelty cache hauler or similar would be good.

From: JohnMC
I have a Superday nothing wrong with it but it does not have an internal frame which I prefer if carry any weight in/on it. A little bigger pack but I prefer when hauling in a stand and climbing sticks is the badlands 2200.

From: 12yards
For the life of me I can't understand why a whitetail hunter needs to haul so much stuff to their stand. LOL. God bless you if you do, that's your choice, but I have been hunting for almost 40 years with a fanny pack and I have some empty pockets on it and stuff I rarely use. What all do you folks bring to the stand with you?

From: Ridge815

I hunt pretty far back in on public. I like having space for extra clothes/rain gear. Food for the day. If I need to quarter a deer out its nice. It'd be nice if i could strap my bow to it just for convenience on those long cold walks. I also typically have a stand and sticks im hauling around too as I do a lot of hang and hunt all day sits

From: bentshaft
Badlands for me.

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