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7 freakin more days!!!
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jordanathome 24-Aug-20
Treeline 24-Aug-20
ElkNut1 24-Aug-20
Ambush 24-Aug-20
nowheels 24-Aug-20
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Quinn @work 24-Aug-20
cnelk 24-Aug-20
wytex 25-Aug-20
BULELK1 25-Aug-20
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longspeak74 25-Aug-20
Destroyer350 25-Aug-20
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Lark Bunting 25-Aug-20
Bake 25-Aug-20
Grey Ghost 25-Aug-20
jordanathome 25-Aug-20
Wv hillbilly 25-Aug-20
cmbbulldog 25-Aug-20
Treeline 25-Aug-20
Empty Freezer 25-Aug-20
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Geno 25-Aug-20
TxHuntr 25-Aug-20
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Slam38 26-Aug-20
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Whocares 26-Aug-20
tkjwonta 26-Aug-20
Stick 27-Aug-20
Trophyhill 27-Aug-20
Norseman 27-Aug-20
From: jordanathome
It should be 3 more days to take off to my spot but plans changed and so its 7 days. SO EXCITED........never wears off. Be safe, shoot straight, have FUN!

From: Treeline
Good luck man!

Kill an elk.

From: ElkNut1
Good luck sir, we have 6 days till take off!


From: Ambush
Hung some tree stands today on a wallow and very well used trails. September 1st, I’ll be waiting for the sun to come up and elk to show up. Has to be a six point to be legal.

From: nowheels
I hunting vicariously through each of you guys this year, so I wish you good luck, good winds and clear shots. Bring back lots of antlers, meat, pictures and great stories!

From: WapitiBob
3 days, off for 5 weeks

From: Quinn @work
Don’t blow your load before you get there Jordan. Maybe this will be the year you kill an elk? Good luck!

From: cnelk
I drove 300 miles today just to set up a wall tent

From: wytex
Cool front coming in just in time for opening day.

Give 'em hell Jordan!!!!

I leave the 30th for Round 2 on my Utah LE hunt, like PB stated above Cool front moving in!!!

Good luck, Robb

From: grossklw
Pickup heads west from WI on the 10th, 2.5 more weeks and I'll be back in elk country.

From: longspeak74
Jealous of all you guys...365+ days for me.

From: Destroyer350
6 days until I'm headed up! Get er done Jordan!!

From: Z Barebow
Heading out on Friday! 54 years young and this is my Christmas Day! It is all I think about.

From: Lark Bunting
Leaving Tuesday and after a 6 hour drive and a couple hours packing in, we should be in camp by 1:30-2:00 that afternoon. Just enough time to filter water for camp, get everything ready for opening day and do a little scouting and glassing. We had a 4 point bull walk through camp a few years ago while my son and buddy were eating lunch and waiting for me to get back with my bull's head. I have dreams about shooting an elk from my tent.

From: Bake
A week from today. Gonna drive solo for 14 hours overnight. Not looking forward to that part. May have to pull over and sleep in the backseat at some point.

Good luck this year Jordan! I'm rooting for you. I expect a BIG thread with LOTS of pics when you kill a bull this year.

From: Grey Ghost
I leave this Saturday for the entire season, or however long it takes to kill a 350"-plus monster.

Good luck, Jordan. Shoot straight and bring home some meat!


From: jordanathome

jordanathome's Link
I am practicing hard to make Glunts' horn shot. Looks epic.

Bake....if you still have my digits......don't hesitate to call for anything. If I can, I will.

Matt.......I predict 370" for you brother. Smack it down!

Thanks to all for the well wishes. Given all that 2020 has thrown at us it just MIGHT be my year to break a 13 year streak of tag soup.......but don't hold your breath! LOL No matter what I am gonna have the time of my life.

Good luck Jordan! It’s gotta be your year sometime. Looking forward to a hunt recap.

From: cmbbulldog
19 days for me, AZ bound. Good luck all.

From: Treeline
Good luck all!

Looking forward to many tales of full freezers and huge smiles from all!

Shoot straight!

Good luck Jordan.. Post lots of pics.

Less than 36 hours for me...

From: Geno
Hitting the road Friday evening, arriving in Colorado Saturday evening and then packing in on Monday, scouting on Tuesday and starting the hunt on Wednesday.

So pumped, I'm going with a brother in law and my nephew (his son). First elk hunt for the 15 year old nephew, 2nd elk hunt for my brother in law.

We are going to have a blast that's for sure. :)

From: TxHuntr
Same game plan as Bake. Leave soon as my son gets off Monday evening. Drive 14+ hours. Get our tags Tuesday, then set up main camp around 2-3. Spike in and set up before sunset. Hope I can sleep before the excitement starts Wednesday.

Prayers for everyone traveling. Be safe. Hunt hard, have fun.

From: Glunt@work
About 10% of the useable ground is still open in my unit. The rest is closed due to fire. Decided to keep our tags and see what happens. Just heading up the first weekend to see whats going on. Could be packed with everyone crammed in a small area, could be empty because everyone changed plans when it closed, who knows.

I'm not into Wyoming until the 7th......



From: Slam38
I wish I had a 14 hour drive!!!!! 34 hour drive for me to CO for Mule deer then onto AZ elk then one long ass ride back to east coast. Never in my life drove this far by myself I always flew so we will see how it goes. Three days before west bound

From: KsRancher
Heading west on the 29th. My first solo elk hunt!!!

From: Whocares
Leaving Friday for 5 weeks in Colorado. Excited as I have ever been. (for a Minnesota German). Good luck to all of you and enjoy your hunt! It's been kind of crummy last 5 months so time for us to enjoy!


From: tkjwonta
Good luck everyone and drive safe. Jordan, you are due, go get em!

From: Stick
Next Thursday for us...hope to be there by Friday night...28 hours...hate the drive, but love the hunt...

From: Trophyhill
less than a week and counting. time stands still.

From: Norseman
Good luck to all with tags. Have fun!

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