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Fires months before season opens.
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Overland Hunt 25-Aug-20
GhostBird 26-Aug-20
Overland Hunt 26-Aug-20
Dyjack 28-Aug-20
So in case you missed it. Lots of California forests where I planned to grab a turkey are now on fire. Just wondering what I should expect for the turkeys in the area once the season opens. Will they simply move over to the nearest un-burnt area?

From: GhostBird

GhostBird's embedded Photo
GhostBird's embedded Photo
Maybe a little different than a raging wildfire, but I have hunted turkeys in south Alabama pine plantation forests after large (several hundred acres) controlled burns. The turkeys move back in immediately after the fire to feed on roasted insects and exposed nuts. I killed a nice gobbler once while the rotted stump holes from dead pines were still smoldering and producing smoke. It was quite surreal, everything was black and the smoke from the scattered smoldering stumps looked like small geysers. I think you will be fine. Expect a lot less (or zero) cover from brush.

awesome pic, thanks for the story.

From: Dyjack
Fire brings new growth. They'll come back.

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