Maine bear baiters
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Trad PA 25-Aug-20
Bou'bound 25-Aug-20
Tobpitbull 25-Aug-20
Katahdin 26-Aug-20
Trad PA 26-Aug-20
Phil/VA 27-Aug-20
rjlefty3 30-Aug-20
From: Trad PA
How’s the baiting in Maine looking? Got a hunt coming up and I’m curious how things are going, looking forward to it either way though!

From: Bou'bound
The good outfitters will have not shortage of action in the baits

Headed there next week with a group of five other pastors...looking for a great time in the wood and great fellowship! Btw... we are just 1/2 hour south out of New Brunswick in Maine and outfitter said that bears are hitting baits hard. Had the Palmer classic out daily!!!

From: Katahdin
Here in Maine we have had such a drought that there are few choke cherries and other wild berries, so the only competition to bait would be agricultural fields. You should see plenty of bears. Good luck

From: Trad PA
Thanks guys - I’m heading out with Squapan next week, taking the recurve along.

From: Phil/VA
Good info, my brother and I are heading out to Squapan also.

From: rjlefty3
It should be a good year. Not much natural browse this year so there's been more action than normal.

Heading up north later this week for a few days. Looking forward to it. Good luck!

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