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WASP Mortem
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tobywon 27-Aug-20
JohnMC 27-Aug-20
Bowfreak 27-Aug-20
12yards 27-Aug-20
Matt 27-Aug-20
t-roy 27-Aug-20
midwest 27-Aug-20
Royboy 28-Aug-20
ohiohunter 28-Aug-20
Thisismyhandle 28-Aug-20
dg72a 28-Aug-20
PECO 28-Aug-20
Gileguy 28-Aug-20
spike78 28-Aug-20
From: tobywon

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Anyone shoot this new head? Its all SS construction. I shoot the Boss now and was going to try the Havelon but then saw this new head. Just wondering if anyone had any input or shot it yet.

From: JohnMC
$33 a 3 pack broadhead? A broadhead is not worth a damn if you are not paying at least that a piece. ;) Looks like a decent head to me.

From: Bowfreak
I like the looks of it. Reminds me of the Trocar a little. I bet this is a great broadhead.

From: 12yards
Looks like an above average rendition of the typical 3 blade broadhead. I like that it is all steel.

From: Matt
I've never shot Wasp, but the seem to be a very underrated BH brand based on feedback by those who have.

From: t-roy
Agreed, Matt. I have shot lots of critters over the years, (including a couple moose) with the Wasp Boss 100 grain head, and have never had any type of failure with them. I went to VPAs, due to being able to resharpen them, but would go back to the Wasp heads with no hesitation.

From: midwest
Good looking head. Just needs one more blade. ;-)

From: Royboy
I shot the wasp hv with the havalon blades and it is really good. Only one shot on a cow elk last year. Complete pass thru and never found the arrow. This new head looks good.

From: ohiohunter
I want to see the new tip first hand. The sst is hands down the best trocar tip I’ve ever stroked.

I use the havalon head. Flew true with the field points on my Hoyt. No adjustments.

From: dg72a
Good looking head, I would try it for sure.

From: PECO
x2 JohnMC

From: Gileguy
Owner of bow shop I use said try the Wasp Mortem when I mentioned Slick Tricks flew well for me. He usually doesn't give recommendations but said these have been fantastic.

From: spike78
Looks just like about every damn 3 blade replaceable blade head I’ve ever seen with a tiny tweak.

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