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Ute reservation leaders join anti wolf
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Huntcell 28-Aug-20
HDE 28-Aug-20
From: Huntcell
Colorado’s Southern Ute Indian Tribe Joins Effort to Stop Forced Wolf Introduction Tribal Council passes resolution against Initiative 107(114)

Ignacio, Colorado: Today, Stop the Wolf PAC announced the passage of a Southern Ute Indian Council Resolution that strongly opposes Colorado Ballot Initiative 107 (now labeled 114) and “any” efforts to force introduction or increase the population of gray wolves already in Colorado.

“The Southern Ute’s expertise and generations of experience with wolf management in Colorado is uncontested, so we are wise to heed their warning and vote NO on Initiative 114,” said Ted Harvey, Campaign Director for Stop the Wolf PAC, a Colorado Issue Committee against Initiative 114.

From the Southern Ute Council’s resolution passed August 25, 2020:

Whereas, it is the responsibility of the Southern Ute Indian Council to ensure the safety of Tribal members and their families and to protect wildlife and livestock on the Reservation; Whereas, gray wolves also carry hydatid disease, a parasite that potentially may be transmitted from wildlife to domestic animals and humans; Now therefore be it resolved, that the Tribal Council hereby opposes Ballot Initiative #107 [i.e. 114] and any effort to reintroduce or expand the population of gray wolves in Colorado.

“Just listen to the unbiased experts, and those who will be most harmed if voters pass 114, and not the extremists who are wolves in sheep’s clothing - trying to deceive citizens and hide the truth that gray wolves should not be forced from their native home in Canada and Alaska to live in our populated state,” said Harvey.

“The rest of us on the front range can trust Colorado’s first citizens when they tell us that any introduction of wolves is a bad idea,” concluded Harvey.

For more info contact: [email protected] or Southern Ute Indian Tribe at 970-563-0100

From: HDE
If the SUIT is against it, it will not happen.

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