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120volt freezer alarm/monitor?
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soccern23ny 30-Aug-20
Hank_S 30-Aug-20
sam 01-Sep-20
From: soccern23ny
Best 120volt(plug in) freezer alarm/temp monitor?

I've been doing a lot of research and can only seem to find battery powered ones. All fancy with wifi, and blue tooth, wireless, etc. But I really don't need any of that.

Most have horrible reviews for battery life and I really don't want to be spend money on lithium that I replace every 3 months/have to remember to replace every 3 months.

What I don't get is why any are plug in, sure if the power goes out it wont' work but if the power is out you'd know it. Crazy enough, my freezer is right next to an outlet!(sarcasm)

And obviously the louder the alarm the better since my freezer is in the garage, but at this point most any 120volt alarm will work for me.

Any suggestions? (also I don't have a smartphone so those fancy features are lost on me)

From: Hank_S
Hit some of the restaurant websites...Webstaurant, kaTom. They should have a good selection.

From: sam
Leviton now offers a GFCI receptacle that if it trips it emits an audible tone.

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