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Whitetail Deer
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dg72a 31-Aug-20
Cornpone 31-Aug-20
Swampbuck 31-Aug-20
LBshooter 31-Aug-20
From: dg72a
Too good to be true?

From: Cornpone
Coincidental that this popped up today. I've got a friend who swears by his HECs suit....I always kid and ride him about it! Well...this afternoon I'm going down to his vegetable farm, don his suit and wait for the deer to come out, which they will. I'll report back, and I'll be shocked if the results aren't negative!

From: Swampbuck
I noticed during shark week a few of the divers were wearing wet suits with the hecs logo on them. No one got bit, but that doesn’t mean anything. Some of those fish got awfully close

From: LBshooter
Sitting at a veg farm during non hunting season isn't a true test. I'm sure they will ignore you and head for the tucker. Hecs for underwater use I'd go with , on land not so convinced. Fish have lateral lines which pick up magnetic fields and water magnifies that. Deer or other big game on land not so sure. If you watch the HEC commercial, look t the grass or branches, the hunter is down wind and sun at the guys back when the bear walks by. With or without HEC, if you stay still down wond most big game animals are going to walk by especially bears which we all know don't have the best eye sight. If you feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a suit, have it.

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