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best string silencer
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olebuck 31-Aug-20
wytex 31-Aug-20
midwest 31-Aug-20
Scrappy 31-Aug-20
Ermine 31-Aug-20
Bou'bound 31-Aug-20
JL 31-Aug-20
Buffalo1 31-Aug-20
ohiohunter 31-Aug-20
WV Mountaineer 31-Aug-20
jmiller 31-Aug-20
scndwfstlhntng 02-Sep-20
t-roy 02-Sep-20
sundowner 04-Sep-20
Stix 04-Sep-20
caribou77 05-Sep-20
ESP 05-Sep-20
Two Feathers 06-Sep-20
greg simon 06-Sep-20
From: olebuck
what are your favorite string silencers?

i've used cat whisker most of my like - and a few of the limb saver brand that go in the string....

Whats your go to for string silencers ?

From: wytex
Neck hairs off my last cow bison and some wool fibers mixed in.

From: midwest
I haven't found anything that beats good ol' cat whiskers.

From: Scrappy
I got the very best thing. Just turn my hearing aids off.

Seriously I haven't used anything in probably ten years and all the critters I have killed haven't minded one bit. They all died the same as when I used cat wiskers.

From: Ermine
Cat whiskers are the best. With that said I don’t like anything on my string

From: Bou'bound
heavy arrow

From: JL
I got the SVL Limbsavers and they seem to hold up ok. I just replaced one a couple of weeks ago. With my APA bow it takes about 3 minutes or so to swap it out. No bow press needed.

From: Buffalo1
Cat Whiskers

From: ohiohunter
Tarantulas or beaver balls, but monkey tails Or leaches will suffice if you have a string stop.

Cat whiskers for me. Nothing else compares.

From: jmiller
I really like to use beaver balls. Just cut a couple strip off the beaver I trap each spring after they are tanned

Could someone possibly identify a type of fur for me. I have an old set of fur string dampers that work well and look really great. They are a short length, dense fur of a very light color. Next to mink, it appears denser and minimally stiffer. I would describe it as off white or a lightly golden/tan white color. Any ideas?

From: t-roy
^^^ A grinner, aka (opossum) possibly? Maybe muskrat or nutria that has been dyed. Most likely beaver, though. Beaver fur is a tad bit coarser than mink or muskrat, IMO.

Another vote for cat whiskers from me.

From: sundowner
Monkey Tails

From: Stix
Cat whiskers

From: caribou77
Still by the yarn puff balls every time I find them. Always been my favorite

From: ESP
Bou’bound x2

From: Two Feathers
Just bought some beaver tonight.

From: greg simon
Careful Two Feathers, that ain’t legal everywhere!!!

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