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Any EHD reports?
Whitetail Deer
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12yards 02-Sep-20
Missouribreaks 02-Sep-20
Missouribreaks 02-Sep-20
t-roy 02-Sep-20
JMM 03-Sep-20
From: 12yards
Just wondering if there are any EHD reports this year. Seems it is getting dry in some areas and that tends to trigger things it seems. Anyone hearing anything?

Central Montana has an outbreak.

Any EHD reports from SE Montana? I was asked on pm but my puter dropped the message. I have no resources in SE Montana. Good hunting to all this fall.

From: t-roy
It has been incredibly dry in most of Iowa, this year. That said, I have heard of very few EHD reports here, so far.

From: JMM
Northwestern Ohio.

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