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Any Oregon Hunters Loose Clothes??
Contributors to this thread:
DL 02-Sep-20
Treeline 02-Sep-20
t-roy 02-Sep-20
SBH 03-Sep-20
JL 03-Sep-20
GhostBird 03-Sep-20
JusPassin 03-Sep-20
From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo

From: Treeline
Damnit! Gonna have to hunt in his skivies;-)

From: t-roy
You didn’t draw a tag in Oregon, did you, Scoot??!! ;-)

From: SBH
Oh man. That sucks for someone. Glad there's people out there that will do the right thing. Hope it can be returned to the owner.

From: JL
Hopefully they hunter was going and not coming back. gives a new meaning to the term "skid marks".

From: GhostBird
Oh no... how many pairs of underwear were in the bag? This could really be a problem for said hunter. Hope the owner can recover his gear.

From: JusPassin
I pulled a trailer to the Black Hills, SD about 20 years back. Stopped for gas along the way. When I got there and went to set up my tent was gone. Someone had reached under the tarp at the gas station and swiped it. Had to sleep under the tarp for the week. Stuff happens.

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