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Want some FREE arrows?
Contributors to this thread:
Medicinemann 04-Sep-20
WV Mountaineer 04-Sep-20
SBH 04-Sep-20
Habitat 04-Sep-20
JL 04-Sep-20
lewis 04-Sep-20
lamb 04-Sep-20
ahunter76 06-Sep-20
Dirtman 06-Sep-20
Habitat 18-Sep-20
GF 18-Sep-20
From: Medicinemann
Over twelve years ago, I bought several dozen arrows from my local archery shop. By purchasing such a large number, I got a great price. Over the years, over three dozen of those shafts have been damaged. For few years, I was able to cut those shafts to a shorter length, and my wife was able to shoot them. They were quite over-spined for her set-up, but she only takes short shots, so they worked fine.

Due to various neck and shoulder-related challenges, Nancy is now relegated to a crossbow. As a result, I have about three dozen Easton AXIS 300 shafts that are wayyyy too short for me. If anyone on this forum is vertically challenged, or has kids that can shoot a fairly stiff-spined arrow, let me know. Most of the shafts were cut down to about 25"-26". If two or three people are interested, I'll split them up into three groups of twelve pay the postage, and they can be yours.

Jake, if you could Add an inch to that 26”’s, I’m in the game At that point.

From: SBH
Jake, we'd take a few! I've got 4 boys 8-13 years old. We'll put em to use if still available. Lemme know! Thanks for the offer either way.

From: Habitat
I have some aluminum xx75 and some game getters if anyone would be interested also

From: JL
MM...........I don't need any arrows. That is mighty nice of ya!!! Thanks for doing it.

From: lewis
Jake know the feeling my wife had shoulder replacement surgery and had to go to the xbow. Good gesture stay safe Lewis

From: lamb
i'd like to get a dozen for my wife. be happy to pay postage plus. can paypal friends and family

From: ahunter76
Habitat-sizes of the Aluminum & length?

From: Dirtman
Jake, I’ve got two boys and would be able to put a dozen to use. Just message me and we can work out the details.

Thank you

From: Habitat
2117 and mostly 29-30 with feathers

From: GF
If the 2117s don’t work for somebody ahead of me in line, they would be perfect for me. So if you decide to do a drawing, I’d love to be in.,,

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