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From: Korey Wolfe
I have switched from a 100 grain head to a 125 grain head to slightly increase my FOC. I figured my pin gap would increase and I would need to re-sight in my bow, but that isn't exactly the case. My arrows impact the same at 20, 30 and 40...but then at 50, I'm 8 inches low...I can't figure out why.

I shoot a Hoyt Carbon Spyder at 28 inches and 70 pounds. My arrows are FMJ 5mm 340's for a finished arrow weight of 510 grains with an FOC of around 12%. My previous arrows had a finished arrow weight of 485 grains and an FOC of ~9%.

I'm not typically shooting animals at 50 or 60, but I really do enjoy shooting at those ranges to keep me sharp for closer shots, but for the life of me I can't figure out why on earth my pins are dead on out to 40, but then drop like a rock past that...

Does anyone have an explanation or something I should check or test to make sure something isn't wrong with my setup?

Take the whatchmacallit and put it near the thigamagig. Use the dohickey to make the adjustment.That should do it. Couldn't resist. Sorry

From: buckfevered
Don't really want to state the obvious, but have you double checked to insure that your actually still on at 50 y with your 100 g tips. If not, I would check. If so, your right in that not making rational sense.

From: greg simon
I shoot that exact same bow and arrows. 125 grain heads. I do not experience the extreme drop after 40 yards that you are. Could you be dropping your bow arm on the longer shots to see the target?

From: badbull
Pretty sure you are a consistent shot at this point but you might reconsider that your form could change a bit at longer ranges such as head angle. I switched the same as you for the same reasons as you with good results. Good luck with this as I know it can drive you nuts...... Badbull

From: Medicinemann
Hope that you can figure it out.....but why wait until JUST before hunting season to effect this change?

From: BUCKeye
Shoot a couple of 100s and 125s together at 40, 45, and 50 yds and report back.

From: Korey Wolfe
100 grain heads are probably 2 inches low at 50. So it isn't as bad as I was reporting.

The 125's are 16-18 inches low at 60. I didn't shoot the 100's at 60, but I would suspect it is a touch low also.

I've been tinkering with my arrow set up all summer (not my pins or bow) and have been shooting the 150 grain heads I got last month, but I couldn't get them to fly the way I wanted because the arrow spine was too weak causing undesirable arrow flight. The drop with the 150's is significant! I've been shooting my practice broadheads (which are 125) once I decided to move to 125, but only out to 40. 125 grain field points didn't show up until Wednesday. I wasn't trying to wait until the last minute.

From: badbull
Latest information sounds reasonable.

From: carcus
Go back to your previous arrows, don't worry about foc, your perfect for any north American game

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