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Maven Optics Reviews/THhughts?
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coelker 04-Sep-20
LONEBULL 04-Sep-20
Annony Mouse 04-Sep-20
Panther Bone 04-Sep-20
Spiral Horn 04-Sep-20
butcherboy 05-Sep-20
T-rex 05-Sep-20
Charlie Rehor 05-Sep-20
kadbow 08-Sep-20
markr 08-Sep-20
From: coelker
So since we now live in Lander WY which is the home of Maven Optics. I am pretty tempted to switch out our glass for all Maven glass over the next year or so, but was wondering who else has used Maven and success/failures etc. Right now we are vortex family but if Maven is comparable and local it will be much nice to have around and really easy to get warranty work etc.

Don't have any myself but have looked through a few models and I really like them. My father has a set and just loves them. Great local company that helps many of the outdoor organizations of the state.

From: Annony Mouse
I just got a pair of 10x42 and they are extremely good for the price. Very happy with them.

Love my 11x45’s

From: Spiral Horn
Maven are certainly at least comparable if not superior to Vortex Razor in optical quality. I own a lot of Alpha and near-Alpha optics - Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski, Meopta, etc - and a set of Maven B2 9x45 binoculars that I bought at an SCI fundraiser. They are a very high quality optic, rugged construction, use great glass and Abbe-Koenig prisms - so the have great flatness of field and a sharp image with very good depth of field. A lot of optical performance for the money = good value. The only downside is they somewhat big and a few oz heavier than my Alphas. Of course my Zeiss Victory and Classics are a bit sharper, brighter and handle better, but they’re more than double the price.

From: butcherboy
I have a pair of 15’s for my tripod glassing. I really like them and they are in a great price range. I’m going to get the add on to make it 30X. I also have a pair of Leica 10X range finder bino’s that are great as well. I will be adding a pair of 10 X 30 Mavens pretty soon.

From: T-rex
I have a pair of 11X45 B2's and love them! I think they make a great product.

Very happy with my 11x45 B2's as well.

Former Brunson optics guys. I have the B series 10x and really like em. Grats on the WY move. C

About to take them into the field for the first time here in a few weeks, but so far comparing them to other available glass I can tell you that their on point with all the birding reviews I read. I have B1 10x42. At least 5x better than $300 pairs and pretty tough to discriminate vs the alpha glass. I'll be buying my wife some B3

From: kadbow
I have the B1 10x42 and and used them last week, so far so good.

From: markr
I also have the B.1 10x42, very happy, compared to my freinds Zeiss, they're better, he agrees. Saying that "they are good for the price" is untrue, they will compare to glass of any price.

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