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stabilizer ??
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Boone 04-Sep-20
Reggiezpop 04-Sep-20
Aces11 04-Sep-20
Dale06 04-Sep-20
Bloodtrail 05-Sep-20
standswittaknife 05-Sep-20
Buck Watcher 05-Sep-20
From: Boone
Purchased the bee stinger hunter stabilizer in the 8 inch model. Just tried the other day well guess what doesn't fit in my case. And don't wanna deal with taking it off to get my wrist strap on in the dark. It looks like they make some kind of quick release but sold out any ideas?

From: Reggiezpop
I have a a soft case, and zip both sides to the stabilizer and it hangs out an inch or two. Not ideal, but I‘m not moving my case all the time either.

From: Aces11
I just purchased a quick release off eBay, fast delivery.

From: Dale06
I do what Reggie said, with my 10” B Stinger.

From: Bloodtrail
Plenty of options on Amazon for the quick connect. Just pick one and go with it. Delivery for tomorrow too....

lots of quick release options out there that work great... and those that will "swivel" down so that you an.. I'm with Reggie tho...

From: Buck Watcher

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Buck Watcher's embedded Photo
Gizmo by Carter is what I have . Solid - Silent - Simple

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