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Any NL moose outfitter news for 2021?
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newfi1946moose 06-Sep-20
Bou'bound 06-Sep-20
nehunter 21-Sep-20
Just wondering if anyone has any updated information from their outfitter as to what might happen for a 2021 season? I have been there seven times; six with one outfitter and once with another. I need to get over a serious medical issue; and if can get in the clear, will try to go again. One of my guides told me that his lodge had only 3-4 clients coming and he would not have any work. He is their head guide. My other guide told me that he knew of no clients at all at their lodge. Both told me that folks from NL can travel the Atlantic provinces only.

From: Bou'bound
No nobody has insight for next year this year is still a wild card

From: nehunter
My 2020 hunt was just postponed till same week in 2021.

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