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Pronghorn Outfitter Questions
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Cornpone 08-Sep-20
JL 08-Sep-20
Brotsky 08-Sep-20
Huntcell 08-Sep-20
brantman 08-Sep-20
KHNC 08-Sep-20
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Trial153 08-Sep-20
Stick & String 17-Sep-20
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RMH 04-Oct-20
From: Cornpone
I've never hunted pronghorn before but intend to do so in 2021, most likely in Wyoming. I've come up with a list of questions to ask an outfitter but may have overlooked something. What questions would you ask...whether outfitter specific or pronghorn specific?

From: JL
How easy is it to draw a NR tag where the outfitter is at. That is the big question IMO.

From: Brotsky
Tag availability, number of hunters on the ranch, blind or spot/stalk options, food/lodging, references, etc. Pronghorn in Wyoming is pretty straight forward.

From: Huntcell
“ I've come up with a list of questions to ask an outfitter”

Share your list and then we can see what to add to the list.

What brand of coffee comes to mind. Kifru or Sitka camo? Compound or longbow blind height? Or is this spot and stalk only. Is there a 75” min. What is penalty fee for undersize animals. If shoot and draw blood and don’t recover is hunt over? If kill first day are you required to leave camp the next day?

Will antelope be served during the stay so you can decide if you want to bother taking meat back of donate it?

From: brantman
go with table mountain outfitters they do all the work to get a license. 35.00 for one point. i had a great time last year and successful. 12 out of 13 filled first day the one guy was holding out ,he filled 2 days later with a stalk

From: KHNC
Do you have a fan in your blinds? Can i fit a cooler with a bunch of ice in the blind? Water hole hunting is tough early season?

From: Buffalo1
Since you've never hunted antelope before I would focus on Wy, Colorado, Montana or South Dakota.

Converse County, Wyoming is the densest county for pronghorn antelope in the US

I would suggest that you go on line with WY Game and Fish and acquired a preference point. Very easily done. This will help scotch you if you decide on WY. If you don't decide to hunt WY you've got at lease 1 preference point "in the bank" if you decide on a WY hunt later.

Find a reputable guide/outfitter, book a hunt and enjoy. Waterhole hunting is hot and pretty straight forward.

Follow current & past related antelope threads on Bowsite, check out outfitters listed on Bowsite and you should find several reputable operations.

Items of concern for me are: price of hunt/number of days, lodging/food, expected size of bucks, length of shots, types of blinds used.

Best of luck to you in your search.

From: Trial153
Pick a hunt that is long enough, and be realistic. If your going to shoot the first 12" buck that comes to water there is no sense spending an arm and leg on lope hunt. Pick a place that has lots of goats and that focuses on good service and been doing it for years.


Stick & String's Link
I think one of the most important things to ask an outfitter is how far is the water from the blind. Typically if you are hunting ponds you might get some longer distances even up to 50-60 yards. On the other hand, one of my outfitters hunts windmills exclusively. Because of this, the antelope have to come in close to get a drink. He usually places the portable blind about 30 yards from the windmill tank. Because of this, he is usually 100% success.

From: wytex
My 1st question to you is do you have any PP ? If so and have enough you do not need an outfitter. I would ask them though , how many hunters , what is the average of the bucks taken, meaning are they mature or are folks shooting the first buck that comes in and they tell them great buck? Table Mt outfits in our neck of the woods, not a fan. A good blind on a used waterhole can be set yourself and it doesn't have to be weeks in advance.

From: RMH
Alan, I sent you a PM. Ryan

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