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Cold fronts and bear baiting??
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wisconsinteacher 08-Sep-20
Dale06 08-Sep-20
skookumjt 08-Sep-20
rjlefty3 11-Sep-20
How do bears react to big cold fronts as it pertains to running bait sites? We are having lows in the 40s the next few days and highs of 55. Will the bears feed more or slow down due to the cold weather?

From: Dale06
I would think that would increase their need for calories. I baited them in Oregon many years ago, but that was in a warmer time of the year, mid August to mid Sept.

From: skookumjt
Nowhere near the impact that the massive influx of people in the woods will have.

From: rjlefty3
IME - it helps and I prefer it. They seem to feed earlier (and likely more, but can't say I've appreciate that). I shot my last bear a few years back when the temps dropped one evening. He wasn't showing up before dark but was about 90 min early that night. I think relatively similar to other species - they just seem to move more when the weather is colder.

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