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Lighters & TSA
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From: DonVathome
I have always had one in my checked bag - very small. TSA has never caught them until a week ago. How about you?

From: Rader1
Always have one in my back pack and never had a problem.

I've taken a lighter inside my titanium pot through dozens of screenings and never been caught. When they ask me at the counter if I have the list of things, I just say "no" right away so that I'm not lying when they get to "lighters."

They found my flask of whiskey though.

From: Buffalo1
I thought one on the person was allowable. I might be mistaken though.

From: Rock
I called the Airline to ask about taking a electronic re-chargeable lighter (no flammable fuel required) with me and was told it was not allowed which really surprised me.

Once got my Shoe Goo confiscated by TSA at the Kodiak Airport cause it was flammable, I had never thought to check that before flying. Now I check everything that could be.

From: Tilzbow
Easy enough to check the TSA website before you fly. Calling the airline and knowing their policy isn’t going to do any good when you’re trying to get through security. Plus many airline agents can give you misleading information.

Per TSA, no lighters are allowed except brand new refillable ones, like a Zippo, and those could still be confiscated at TSA’s discretion.

From: DonVathome
It's not what they allow but what they really catch. I do not mind trying to get my lighter through - one less thing. When I fly to muzzle loader hunt 209 primers are no permitted. Shotgun shells are. Totally ridiculous! A couple 209 primers alone are not permitted but when sitting right next to powder in a bullet they are????

It is getting more and more difficult to fly - and baggage crazy expensive - sometimes more then my flight.

From: Bloodtrail
I’ve had them taken out twice. Both on return trips. They don’t tell you what they took either.....just a pink piece of paper stating they searched your gear.....

From: GhostBird
They found a tube of Fletch Tite in my bowcase inside my repair kit once. Flammable. You would have thought a had a bomb in there. Three agents scolding me and said my name would be added to some list or something.

Heading home from a CO muzzleloader hunt once and as we were about to walk into the Grand Junction airport, my buddy stops dead in his tracks and says "Oh shucks, I have that whole container of black powder in my bag". He dug it out and dropped it into the trash can just outside the airport door. We were sweating it and that plane could not take off fast enough. This was pre-911.

From: Lechwe
Sure miss the good old days. I remember back in 89 taking my 7mm ammo in my carry-on from Ft. McMurry to Edmonton to Calgary to Toronto and onto Detroit with no issues. They asked what it was and said please don't take it out of the box. Crazy how times have changed.

From: RK
LOL! the good old days were when you walked on the airplane with a rifle or shotgun in a soft case and gave it to the pilot

I have never had a lighter taken from me on any flight anrwhere in the world , but I'm lucky like that :)

From: Daff
I've carried them through in my bow case, in a tackle box with broadheads and repair tools. It seems like they never catch it leaving Tennessee airports. Billings on the other hand takes them away every time!

From: Milhouse
A lighter, like a Bic disposable lighter? Put it in your pocket, when to get to the airport, throw it in the tray with your wallet, hat, sunglasses, shoes and whatever else. They have never looked twice at mine. Ever. Dallas, Denver, Fargo, Bismarck, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Seattle...nowhere has TSA ever confiscated a lighter from me.

From: Milhouse
Seriously? They take lighters? I'm shocked... I throw em in the tray in plain sight.

I drive

From: GhostBird
Sounds like a lighter in your pocket may be OK, however one in the baggage hold of the aircraft is the problem.

From: Bake
I like to tell this story. . . .

I went to Russia on a hunt in 2018. It was a cluster, lost luggage, it was a mess. Anyways, on the way home I had to connect through Moscow. The outfitter rep helped me get the rifle checked, then walked me to security. He had to help, because very few people spoke any English.

I got to security, and by this time I had the process down. EVERYTHING was in my backpack. My belt, wallet, everything. I was wearing a pair of Kuiu pants and a shirt. Boots in the bin, etc.

I walked through the metal detector and it went off. I had this confused look and patted myself down real quick, and realized I forgot nothing. So I looked at the agent and gave a shrug. . . . she shrugged back and waved me on through :) Never did check me.

Still makes me laugh

I had a small tub of peanut butter that I had along side my oatmeal confiscated from my back pack a couple weeks ago in Tulsa. Totally forgot it was in there. I didn't feel too bad, the guy in front of me had a 9MM in his carry on back pack. His wife was PISSED! I heard her say, (in a frantic voice)... "Jesus Christ, Mark, what the HELL is wrong with you!" LOL Needless to say, he got pulled aside, but still made the flight. :)

From: greg simon
Embry what the hell were you thinking trying to bring peanut butter onto an airplane!!!

Don't you know how dangerous that stuff is? Not to mention we are in the throes of a pandemic!!! Talk about reckless endangerment, Geez!!!! I hope you were at least wearing a mask.

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