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From: Stubbleduck
I (Non resident) was in the Manhattan area last week working with a friend on stands on our co-owned hunting land (I am a former K-State Faculty with a lifetime hunting license). Apparently several of the local locker plants that process deer each hunting season are saying they are fully booked processing local cattle at least through the end of the year and will not be able to process deer for hunters. We can process our own but have, when we get lucky, used a local locker for several years as a convenience. Is this a local area issue or is a wider area affected? Apparently the changes in the cattle market due to Covid have altered the dynamics of locker plant operation or so one cattleman told us. I also posted this in the State / Regional Forum to see what folks who follow only that forum might have to say.

From: Habitat
booked full all across Kansas but some of them are going to do deer at least during rifle season

From: KY EyeBow
It's not just in KS.........................................

From: Catscratch
We had a steer butchered in August. We were told they were booked for a year solid but put us on the reserve list. Got lucky and took a cancellation spot. I called a couple of weeks ago to ask about having a hog butchered, less than the wait for cattle but still next summer. Look for a processor that does deer only. They should be able to run business as normal this winter.

Yes, booked all year here in Wichita areas too. I’d plan on doing processing on your own

From: drmike
I called several meat lockers in NE Kansas yesterday. One is only taking deer in during rifle season and the other two will take in archery deer, but only for hamburger and steaks.

From: APauls
Sounds like an amazing opportunity

From: butcherboy
We are taking WG at my plant here in NM for now. We are talking about not taking any more this season as well or a few here and there. I would find a processor that does game only or learn to do it yourself. I see this trend continuing for some time. We are booked for domestic into early spring.

From: Hancock West
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