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Night Time Harvest Photo?
Whitetail Deer
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Hunt98 10-Sep-20
pav 10-Sep-20
writer 10-Sep-20
APauls 10-Sep-20
From: Hunt98
When a recovery is made after the sun goes down. Given the only light sources available are truck, atv, aa flash light or cell photo lights.

Is there a preferred method for taking nighttime Harvest photos? Keeping the photographers shadow out of the picture??

From: pav
My cell phone initiates a pre-flash light. I'm behind the phone, so no shadow.

From: writer
Nighttime pics with a flash can be fantastic and even preferred. We like to put the buck on a rise, like a pond dam or terrace, so there will be no background show up in the pick. It's a great way to really highlight the antlers.

From: APauls
A good camera flash will take nice pics. That being said, the low (essentially dark) capabilities of the iPhone 11Pro are ridiculous. Can't see anything by eye and the phone takes an amazing colorful photo no flash.

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