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Newbie to food plots
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Brian M. 10-Sep-20
crowny 11-Sep-20
From: Brian M.
I have a property with two 1\2 to 3\4 acre overgrown fields. To be honest, I think they were leech fields. But they're a couple hundred yards into the property. I'd like to work it for next year.

Overgrown with grass, weeds, a couple pine trees, briars and thick tangles of some kind of brush. I doubt there is more than 2" of topsoil, covering rocky, sandy fill.

I have a Ford 1920 (32 hp) tractor, a brush hog and a york rake. I've mowed the field before, but nothing else. I don't think there's enough soil for a plow, and maybe not even a disc.

I know I need a soil test first. Then brush hog it. Wait a week or two and spray roundup. After that, I'm not sure. With the equipment I have, what would be recommended? I'm in NE CT and really don't know what would grow in the soil I have assuming I can get the ph right.

Should I start looking for a light disc harrow?


From: crowny
id start with getting as much debris off the ground . then id round up it. when its good and dead id scratch the surface to get a little dirt worked up then put in some winter rye for the first year.

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