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Musacchia Broadheads
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From: Jagwab
Anybody heard anything more about the Musacchia broadheads? I picked up 6 NSB100's from them at the PA Bowfest last year and love them. Figured to give them a shot being who they were and all. All spun and shot spot-on and did very well on a doe for me. Expected to see more from them this year and thought to see them make headway?

From: jstephens61
Looks like the old 3 blade Muzzy pre sale. Not much new there. Company info sounds a little bitter.

From: Medicinemann
Musacchia's founded Muzzy, right?

From: caribou77

From: Glunt@work
Old Muzzys were fine heads. Killed plenty of stuff with them. Yes, Mussacchias founded Muzzy.

From: WapitiBob
sour grapes

From: Jaquomo
John Sr. founded Muzzy. Michele took over the company after he died and eventually sold it to Rage. There were questions about quality control as the company grew and since the sale. I know John Jr. and Michele personally, both great folks. I was the first Pro Staffer, and back when John Jr. was in charge of quality control - among other things - he was a stickler for perfection, once scrapping a run of thousands of blades because they weren't as sharp as he expected. I still have a bunch of those reject blades and they are as sharp as the factory Muzzy blades being sold today.

Now he is resurrecting some original designs but trying to make them higher quality than the Rage version mass-marketed at Wal Mart.

From: ESP
I would not hesitate to buy jr new broadheads. Just wished they were 125 grain.

Not that it answers your questions, but a fun fact for you.....

I was standing beside John "Muzzy" Musacchia when he sent the very first 125 gr prototype Muzzy into an Alaskan moose! GMU 13 in the Alphabet Hills, September 1985. With a take-down recurve.

I spent several seasons hunting with John. All our cabins still sport the phrase written on the walls with magic marker: "Be of good cheer, Muzzy was here!"

Great guy. I think of him every moose season.


From: Bou'bound
that's so neat Pete.

From: lewis
I met John senior at his place in Gainesville Florida very nice personable guy.Dont remember the year but he asked me if I had my bow with me which I did.He Asked if I would like to try one of his heads so sure why not.He had me shoot my 76 lb bow at a metal plate not sure of the diameter but it punched a hole.I left with several of his heads and used them for many moons.

From: Pat Lefemine
Sounds like their non-compete expired.

From: milnrick
Check the Musacchia's website. They've placed a very detailed description about Muzzy's history and why the family, specifically, "Junior" left the original company and why he's re-entered the market now.

They also explain the meaning of NIMROD- which was very interesting.


John was often touting that fancy tip on his Muzzy's. And demonstrating its ability to penetrate by driving arrows through outhouse doors, chunks of plywood, rusted out 55 gallon drums,etc! The signs of John's penetration demonstrations is still evident in many of our camps! Great memories....


From: lewis
It sure got my attention though it cost me an arrow lol ??

From: 76aggie

76aggie's embedded Photo
Old Style Muzzy Decal
76aggie's embedded Photo
Old Style Muzzy Decal
I met Jr. many years ago in Colorado. A buddy of mine and I had just got back to camp when a Jeep, I believe a CJ 5, came rolling up pulling a small trailer filled full of archery and camping equipment. It was a ragtop Jeep.He and his partner had just driven from Gainesville to the Uncompahgre Plateau in that Jeep. As I recall, his buddy had actually driven up from south Florida and then the two of them left Gainesville and drove to Co. non stop. No A.C. in the vehicle during the heat of the summer through the South. That had to be a tough drive and I remember thinking those guys really need a good shower. I had just taken a small mule deer buck and they stopped in our camp to B.S. while I was skinning it. I remember telling him I wished they would come out with a 125 gr. broadhead and he told me they had and it would be available soon. He was a really nice guy as was his buddy and I recall him giving me some Muzzy decals. I believe those were their first and is noticeably older and different than the ones of today. I believe I still have one of those old decals and have one on my hard bowcase.

From: Buglmin
The blades on jr's heads are extremely sharp and a better quality than they ever were. Jr. has revamped a lot of the old machines that were first used to make the old style muzzy's. If you compare the heads from 1994 to jr's new 2019 heads, you won't notice a difference at all. I've got the first dozen of jr's new nbs100's, used them last year. It's good to see jr's heads now bring carried by several large companies. Wish him the best of luck. He's a great guy, known him forever.

From: JakeBrake
His description of who nimrod was is not even close :)

From: JohnMC
Not sure saying you can’t tell the difference from heads made in 1994 is a great marketing slogan. Maybe I can find a new bow that I can’t tell the difference from the Pearson Spoiler I was shooting in 1994.

A good come back story. Hopefully he can come out with a solid 2 blade. I also like that someone is trying to correct the misuse of the term Nimrod.

From: Jagwab
Thanks the history. I figured it was a non-compete issue. I had met John, John Jr and Michele years ago. Talking to his Grandson at the show last year brought a smile. Reminded me of his Pop. :)

Comparing the NBS100 to a 2020 Muzzy 3-blade, the difference us noticeable. Shorter and heavier ferrule with thicker blades and a steeper blade angle. I like them.

From: Trial153
.025 thanks

From: t-roy
JakeBrake X2^^^

From: SizovaIrina

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