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Cannon G40
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Guardian hunter 12-Sep-20
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Buffalo1 12-Sep-20
Glunt@work 12-Sep-20
Guardian hunter 13-Sep-20
I have been using the Canon G40 for videoing wildlife and my hunts. I am looking to get some expertise on a remote control and a microphone recomendation for this camera. If anybody could point me in the right direction without breaking the bank I would appreciate it. Good hunting to all.

From: molsonarcher

Mine came with the remote and mic from Campbell cameras. Check their website they should have them. Mine was a package deal but the parts were available separately.Canon remote and Rode mic. Both work great, but the mic is a bit cumbersome, and make sure to order a spare windscreen. They work great but when damp/wet not so good.

From: Buffalo1
Contact KEH Camera in GA or K&B Camera in NY.

From: Glunt@work
When I videoed hunts as part of my job I used a simple Rode shotgun mic. B&H photo has a bunch under $200. Get a dead cat (wind buffer) for whatever you buy. I used a Manfrotto VZ Rock remote, not sure of current compatability but it worked good.

Thanks fellas

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