A new bowhunter
Whitetail Deer
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From: Rgiesey

Rgiesey's embedded Photo
First bowhunt, first bowkill
Rgiesey's embedded Photo
First bowhunt, first bowkill
Maybe 5 years ago I met the gas engineer at my house to get a new gas line back to my place. David was the guy. Great young man about the age of my youngest son , Luke. Dave was good at his job and also thought I might be able to help him with info about hunting North America. Since we’ve done some stuff, scouted goats for a tag he’d drawn. He killed a goat on his own hunting with his dad. Dave’s a gun guy and really wasn’t interested in becoming a bowhunter. He’s went elk hunting a couple times with us just to hang out once holding a Montana decoy up 10yds from a nice 6pt that Luke killed. David and Luke have become good friends with Dave making 2 trips to Alaska to hunt with Luke. Killed a blacktail and moose. As he got promoted he had to travel for work and relocated a couple times ,he bought a recurve to pass the time. He liked shooting and said it was the cheapest recreation available. After awhile he asked me what bow he should buy in case he wanted to hunt. I told him predator as my best friend designed and built the company. Dave bought the best one. Over the years he’s been telling Luke and I to come hunt his family land in North Dakota but we weren’t able to. This year he decided to bowhunt and he loved it even just sitting in a tree. Then he missed a buck, couldn’t believe how excited he got and how cool it was. This really encouraged him and made him more determined. Last night I got one of the best texts ever”I just shot the big one”. I immediately called him and told him what I thought he should do. Not long after I got a picture of that buck. Now hopefully the future will hold some shared bowhunts. Great job David! Congrats!

From: bowhunter55
Awesome!! Great buck and welcome to the brotherhood of the bow!!

From: Kodiak
Great stuff!

From: t-roy
Wow! First bow kill, nice buck, and with trad gear to boot! Congrats to him!

From: JL
Great story and thanks for posting it and pic(s).

From: T Mac

From: Brotsky
What an awesome story and the buck to match! Congrats!

From: GF
I couldn’t come up with a single good thing to say about that 470” AZ bull, and this just feels about as far out on the other end of the scale as you can get.

Kudos to Student and Mentor(s) alike.

Good on you Randy

From: Buffalo1
You never know how far being nice will go and help other hunters join the bowhunting ranks.

Beautiful trophy !! Congrats.

From: Poppy

From: LBshooter
A beauty for sure, congrats.

From: JohnMC

From: Drahthaar
He is off to a great start. Forrest

From: jdbbowhunter
Congrats on getting another person into bowhunting! Awesome first deer!!

From: drycreek
That’s the big one alright ! My first one with a bow, (circa 1978), was just a little bit smaller than that.....;-)

From: Scoot
Outstanding! Congrats to both of you!

From: Supernaut
Great stuff all the way around!

Well, that stinks, might as well hang up the bow now that he killed the big one! ;) May never top that but what a way to start.

From: Yttails
As tough as it gets! Congrats!!

From: Zim
So cool. Congrats!

From: bowhunter24
Congrats to both of you! Awesome way to start!

From: Kurt
Great buck for a first one!! Congratulations David and way to go Randy for pointing him the right direction!!!! Took me years to get one that nice!!!

From: Rocky D
Great buck and an even greater story!

From: Bowfreak
Love those early season capes. Great buck and great story!

Good stuff Randy!!

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