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LaCrosse Burlys... Run big or small?
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Mule Power 12-Sep-20
t-roy 12-Sep-20
jjs 12-Sep-20
jstephens61 12-Sep-20
IdyllwildArcher 12-Sep-20
Buffalo1 12-Sep-20
cnelk 12-Sep-20
HDBow17 12-Sep-20
Boris 13-Sep-20
CurveBow 16-Sep-20
Screwball 16-Sep-20
Mule Power 16-Sep-20
DMTJAGER 16-Nov-20
From: Mule Power
About to buy a pair of LaCrosse Burly Pro side zip boots. I am going to buy them online but can’t find a retailer nearby to try them on for size. I wear a 9 1/2 so some boots I go 10 and a few the 9 fits fine. In your experience do those boots run bigger or smaller. With no laces is important that the fit right. Too lose would be terrible and obviously too small would be even worse.

From: t-roy
Mule.... I wear 9 1/2 as well, and the 10’s in the Alpha Burleys fit me just right.

From: jjs
I wear Burly, have a 9 foot and wear 9.5 to give room for thick sock in cold weather which doesn't slip, my La Crosse Aero are 9 for the moderate cool weather which has a snug fit. Pnuma is coming out with the Burly in there camp if interested. La Crosse have worn for many yrs, just store them right after season and the will last for a long time.

From: jstephens61
I wear a 9 1/2 C boot, when I can find it. My Pro Sidezips are a 9 and fit perfectly.

Go with the 10 and just wear a second pair of socks if they’re too big. That’s what I do with my 12s and I wear an 11.5.

From: Buffalo1
I find they run pretty true to size.

From: cnelk
Yup. True size

From: HDBow17
True to size

From: Boris
If you live close to the Boot Box in Meadville, Pa they have them.

From: CurveBow
I think they run true to size. But, I always buy a bit larger and add a felt insole and wear at least 2 pairs of socks; one lighter, one heavy fabric. I love the Burlys with the air bob sole. That's all I'll buy.....


From: Screwball
True to size

From: Mule Power
I got the boots today in a size 10. They definitely run true to size. Just enough room to add an insole which is perfect. A shout out to The boots were only $119 and they showed up in just 3 days.

I'd say based on owning EIGHT pair of 16" Burlies four uninsulated for turkey and general hunting and fishing, and four pair of 800grm thinsulate for deer hunting they run true to size or slightly larger, but never smaller. My 800's I bought in 15's for wearing ultra heavy socks the others I bought in 14. I bought all YEARS ago at the LaCrosse Outlet store in WI for usually 50% off new as they NIB but were blemished.

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