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Wow! This is making the rounds today. I don't recall hearing about the 321" deer mentioned at the bottom of the article.

Deer shot by teen may set new Kansas record for size Posted Sep 13, 2020 2:30 PM

KIOWA COUNTY, Kan. (AP) — A 14-year-old Kansas girl may have set a new deer hunting record in the state with a buck she killed this month.

Paslie Werth shot a 40-point whitetail buck while hunting on family property in Kiowa County with her father. The deer unofficially measured 282 6/8 inches, which would top the existing record of 280 4/8 inches set in 1987.

Before the record can become official, the rack of antlers on the deer Werth shot must dry for 60 days.

Werth said she had seen the deer before in trail camera photographs on the family-owned land, but it was impressive to see it in person.

“When he stood up 25 yards away, I was in shock of his massive rack,” the teen said.

But even if Werth’s deer sets a new record, she may not hold the title for long. A deer shot last fall in Chase County measured 321 3/8 inches, but that deer won’t be officially certified until 2022.

From: GF
She just either became the most popular girl in school, or intimidated her way out of ever getting a date with a guy who hunts, EVER.

My wife had a friend tell her she should quit going skiing with her boyfriends because every time she did, it was over within a week. “Lucky for me” is all I can say about that....

From: Surfbow
Congrats to her!

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From: nowheels

She would be a high school dream - pretty, and her family has land with big bucks on it!

I just hope the granola eating Instagram and Facebook wildlife warriors don’t rip her too badly.

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