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DIY bowhunt Neb., SD, or Wyoming?
Mule Deer
Contributors to this thread:
Dutchman 17-Sep-20
Shawn 17-Sep-20
pointingdogs 17-Sep-20
Windlaker_1 18-Sep-20
Shb 20-Sep-20
Thunderhawk 20-Sep-20
Dutchman 22-Sep-20
Aces11 22-Sep-20
JL 22-Sep-20
From: Dutchman
Looking to do a diy bowhunt in Nebraska, South Dakota, or Wyoming. First attempt at it, not alot of money to spare on a guided hunt. Looking to find ranches that have a trespass fee but willing to look on state land too. I have heard that it is crowded in SD and Wyoming for Mule deer hunters. Nebraska, not as much public land compared to the other two. Really wanting the experience going out there not necessarily a hunt to world record, just the pure fun of new lands and deer. Any leads or insights would be greatly appreciated.

From: Shawn
ND, tag is fairly cheap, lot of land to hunt. If land is not posted it can be hunted by anyone with a hunting license. Over the counter tag too. Nebraska can be good but again not a ton of public but more than ya think in the western part of the state. Shawn

From: pointingdogs
More then enough land in northeast Wyoming.

From: Windlaker_1
SW SD is where we hunt.

Lots of public land, cheap tags.

From: Shb
Az is beautiful, a great fun place to bowhunt.

From: Thunderhawk
South Dakota hands down. Been killing deer there for a long time. Best buck shot in a junk yard on the east end of Lebanon. We bought a house out there in 99 for seven grand. Guys wetbanted it for bird hunting. I just bowhunted. Met great locals, lots of fun

From: Dutchman
Wanting to be sure, "Shawn" you said that ND=North Dakota has OTC for mule deer?

From: Aces11
No OTC for NR mule deer in ND.

From: JL

JL's Link
I think Montana has alot of NR archery deer and antelope tags in the draw. Tons of public land to hunt. Draw stats are at the link.

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