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Leather or Rubber boots ?
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From: Ridge815
Looking for some new hunting boots this year. Ive always worn rubber boots whitetail hunting but this year I'm doing a lot more run and gun style on public land. Id like a lace up boot for support walking in and hanging stands on the go. Ive always heard leather boots will leave more of a scent trail than rubber but the more I've read and watched guys like "The Hunting Public" I'm thinking if I just spray down and play the wind I should be alright.

What are your thoughts and opinions ? Looking at getting the Danner Sharptail 8" boots.

From: LBshooter
Lots of walking, for sure leather. Get yourself a stick of whitetail in a herd and rub it on your soles and the outside of the boot and your good to go.

From: Ben
I prefer Danner Pronghorns or Meindel Denali's. I feel if you play the wind it's no problem, if your up wind the boots won't matter because he'll probably smell you no matter what material your boots are made of. Keep your feet comfortable.

From: Wild Bill
If you smell like a new deer in the area, they may come looking for you.

I use an LLBean uninsulated boot for the early season. When temps drop, I use a fabric/leather insulated boot, Columbia Bugaboo. Once up in the stand I don Arctic Shield boot covers, and if needed, I tuck a chemical warmer in the toe area.

I think a lace up boot will make you more sure footed, go for them.

From: woodguy65
Wear whatever is most comfortable to you. Rubber or neoprene have a “new” scent to them when purchased - that’s hard to get rid of. By the time the new smell is gone - your feet have stunk up the inside from the sweat. Just play the wind.

From: jstephens61
Danger Pronghorns here too. Pay attention to the wind and forget the spray.

From: Bake
I gave up on rubber boots several years ago. I'm either sweating in them, or my feet are frozen blocks of ice.

I wear a light leather/cordura boot and spray them with Nose Jammer before I walk in. And I'm very mindful of my walk in trail.

I never found rubber boots to be the end-all be-all for keeping scent off the ground when I walk in

Disclaimer: I never kill anything :)

From: GhostBird
Haha, Bake. Good advice from everyone, whether they ever kill anything or not.

Lace up boot for me every time. I own rubber boots and would take a pretty good butt whooping if forced to choose those over a pair of lace up boots

On the public land deer where I hunt it doesn’t seem to matter. I’d rather have high rubber boots and they never see the inside of my truck or house but it still doesn’t seem to cover my trail coming in. If I’m walking over a mile good comfortable leather boots are in order

From: txhunter58
I don’t don’t get the attraction of rubber boots. Unless I was walking less than 100 yards and then sitting I would never wear a pair. Regular boots for me always. The scent thing is overblown

From: txhunter58

From: Rut Nut
Only time I wear rubber boots is if I am hunting a swamp or marsh or in rainy/wet weather. Otherwise it’s leather hunting boots.

From: Franzen
I don't think a lot of deer are going to whig out and leave the area crossing a scent trail left by entry and exit of a single trip to hunt, but I'd say a few might. This scenario is probably more prevalent with the run and gun style on public, so you are probably okay. However, I think rubber boots shine when you are consistently going in an area multiple times to hunt a set, such that you can hopefully leave a minimal scent trail.

From: jingalls
In 36 years of whitetail hunting and wearing leather boots. I have never had a deer cross my track and smell me. You’ll be fine with leather.

From: Rocky D
I would not give up my rubber boots for any whitetail hunt unless it was Montana or Idaho !

From: GF
“ I have never had a deer cross my track and smell me.”


I recall one morning watching a doe pick her way through my area and when she cut my track (in snow), she stopped for a sniff (very old, well-worn Sorels). The she picked her head up, took a quick look around and walked away.

A couple minutes later a buck (2.5 YO) came through on her trail and stopped and sniffed in the same place that the doe had, about 7 steps from the base of my tree... which was where he died.

If I’m gonna walk any appreciable distance, I’ll be wearing some kind of hiker unless it’s cold enough for pac-boots, but those are lace-up also.

I do own a pair of pull-ons, but I don’t do much in them that doesn’t involve standing water or thick mud. So pretty much situations where waders would be a better choice but less convenient.

If I tried to wear them in a tree stand, I would probably just end up losing my boots as I went to pull up the lower portion of my climber!

From: txhunter58
“From: Rocky D 18-Sep-20Private Reply I would not give up my rubber boots for any whitetail hunt unless it was Montana or Idaho !“

And thus a whole new industry and cash cow is born.

From: jingalls
GF...Really! My boots “NEVER” touch concrete or asphalt. They have “NEVER” been in my garage. Not even to load in the truck. I have a special concrete room in my basement for my hunting gear. I have an ozone machine to run in that space. My boots sit on a clean wire rack. When I hit my truck at the end of a hunt they come off. And never walk behind th vehicle where exhaust could get on them. They get sprayed down with Lethal on the outside and Lethal foot powder on the inside before each hunt. I hunt flat country in KS and can see my walk in trail in most stands. I have “Never” had a deer pickup my scent from walking in.

From: LKH
Worn out a couple pair of hip boots hunting caribou and moose and muck boots down here in MT/SD/WY. Hate them but sometimes it's necessary. Leather is much more comfortable if moving.

From: soccern23ny
Rubber boots only if you hunt/will be walking in swampy, mucky, watery areas.

Rubber/neoprene boots have a use, and that's the time for them. General hunting in dry areas, use leather boots. That's my opinion

I always have worn regular boots, I hunt hill country of the bluffs of the Mississippi river. or lots of farmland. Usually the boots always get a walk thru the barn, either horse or cow manure, whatever,,,,, never had any issues.........

Again common sense, when I am in a wet area, I go with rubber boots. But I found something better for swamps. I wear Cabelas/Herters light hip boots, with stocking foot style and a good wading shoe. best of both worlds. the hip boots weigh ounces and have held up well, but that's for extreme wet areas.

run and gun, get a good boot............

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