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Ohio Cabins
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Rickm 18-Sep-20
Guardian hunter 18-Sep-20
grizzley21 18-Sep-20
Rut Nut 18-Sep-20
Rickm 19-Sep-20
From: Rickm
Not many cabins near CLE city limits or suburbs. I am afraid your gonna have to commute a ways. I assume you are talking about Notre Dame college in South Euclid?

Try punderson State Park in geauga county where we live. It's a little farther than you'd like but nice cabins

From: grizzley21
look up lake county metro parks,, they rent out cabins,, about 20 miles east of Euclid

From: Rut Nut
You Ohio boys might wanna be careful givin’ out that info................those Barrick brothers could put a serious hurt on the local turkey population! ;-)

From: Rickm
stick, Ponderson or air b nb might be your best options. Pm me and I can give you some info on public land.

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