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Grinding pronghorn berger
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Old Reb 20-Sep-20
jmiller 20-Sep-20
Seth 20-Sep-20
Ermine 20-Sep-20
Bou'bound 21-Sep-20
bghunter 21-Sep-20
Timbrhuntr 21-Sep-20
Adventurewriter 21-Sep-20
Buffalo1 21-Sep-20
Old Reb 27-Sep-20
midwest 28-Sep-20
WoodMoose 28-Sep-20
JL 28-Sep-20
Cornpone 28-Sep-20
NoWiser 28-Sep-20
olebuck 28-Sep-20
From: Old Reb
I have quite a bit of pronghorn meat to grind into burger. Does anyone have a recommendation on what a good mix ratio of pronghorn meat to pork or other fatty meat would be? I want the burger to pack together well and to remain moist when cooked. Thanks in advance.

From: jmiller
I always do a third pork to two third game

From: Seth
I grind with no additional meat or fat; the burgers hold together fine when cooked with olive or avocado oil on well seasoned cast iron.

From: Ermine
I grind burger with no fat. They hold Together fine.

From: Bou'bound
Nothing like a bacon and cheddar antelope berger

From: bghunter
If you want it to hold it together use breadcrumbs and an egg when making them.

From: Timbrhuntr
I'm with Seth I spend too much time and money getting my quality wild game to taint it with anything else ! I do agree that bacon and cheddar to garnish is acceptable lol This reminds me that I only have 3 pronghorn roasts left and no way of replenishing this year :(

Olive oil...DONT OVER COOK!!!!

From: Buffalo1
“Bergers” are buttons on bows and name brand bullets for guns.

“Burgers” are food.

There is a difference.

From: Old Reb
Thanks everyone for your suggestions on different ways to make ground pronghorn meat. I am going to try each suggestion and find which I like best. I'm sure there will be more than one. Buffalo1 thanks for spell checking my post title and for the definition of each word. I hope you give me credit for spelling burger correctly in the post. :>) Lol.

From: midwest
I grind mine straight but when I do a beef brisket, I keep some of the fat I trim off the brisket and grind it up. Then I vacuum bag and freeze this ground fat in 5 or 6 oz. packages. Occasionally, I'll mix this fat with 2 lbs. of ground venison of any kind for some really special burgers on the grill. Super juicy and delish!

From: WoodMoose
I'm in the grind wild alone camp,,,I like tasting meat as it's supposed to be but then I also only make "sausage" from pig (feral or otherwise) cause to me,,most sausage is pig,,

now summer sausage is different,,, that's wild game and a bit of beef fat from trimmings as midwest mentioned,,,,

From: JL
Hickory smoked bacon from the Wallymartin. Been doing that for a long time. I like the smell as it cooks and it adds just enough grease to help keep the burger from the taste is great.

From: Cornpone
Probably as many suggestions as "What's the best bow?" I've never ground pronghorn but many deer...should be the same I imagine. I grind venison 9 parts meat, 1 part beef suet.

From: NoWiser
20% pork fat. Can't go wrong. I don't love the burgers made with bacon ends.

From: olebuck
i mix fat about 30%.... but im not a health nut. i used to get ribeye trimmings from a local butcher but they closed due to covid - it made the best game burgers.

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