5 years since I lost my dad. A legend.
Whitetail Deer
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From: darralld

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Miss you pops.

From: brantman
great writer and bowhunter

From: JW
My favorite bowhunting writer of all time! True legend is absolutely correct.

Nice video. RIP

From: ahunter76
A man who contributed so much to archery & bowhunting. A legend for sure.. Take care. I met your Dad & shared some time together at the Clinton Indiana Bowhunter Jamboree in the 70s.

From: Z Barebow
Jim was one of my favorites. He always came off as well versed, but humble. I still have a handful of the JD Snakeskin arrows. I will keep them for display.

From: bowbender77
One of my most favorite bowhunting writers of all time. RIP Jim.

From: IKE220
Always looked forward to reading Jim's work!! RIP

From: Bou'bound

From: dakotaduner
I always appreciate when you share things of your father He was definitely a influence to a lot of peoples hunting and outdoor lives.

Another big fan of Jim and his writing's. Usually the first stories I read. RIP Jim.

Wow! I never new that was Jim Dougherty in that ad. I love that ad. Especially now since I know it’s real.

From: Russ Koon
Always looked forward to his stories in Bowhunter when I was a young bowhunter with just a few years of experience.

One in particular that I still remember was when he was testing a new fawn-in-distress coyote call, and a doe came in at the same time as the coyote. He was surprised when that doe stomped the coyote to death immediately!

I never got to witness a coyote get stomped by a deer, but did eventually see a few one-on-one meetings and the coyote left at the first sign that the doe wanted to fight rather than flee. If there were two coyotes, they seemed to have the confidence to chase the lone doe. Always recalled that story every time I saw any such interactions.

From: Scoot
Legend, no doubt.

From: jingalls
Whole heartedly agree!!! You should be proud of your father!

From: drycreek
Good memories Darrall !

From: Rgiesey
Yes he is a legend! He was nice to me, a youngster as I imagine he was to everyone. That’s how you act.

From: Jasper
May he RIP...God bless

From: Jasper
May he RIP...God bless

From: Screwball
One of my archery legends growing up. Loved his arrows and products, because the were JDA's

From: Ben
Legend is very appropriate! He was one of the best writers that ever published bowhunting stories. I eagerly awaited every issue of Bow & Arrow for his stories. Loved his Trails end book and publishing's too. May a great man rest in peace. Good hunting Jim!

From: drmike
I wish we had emojis to insert...I miss your dad's articles! I still choke up every time I watch that commercial.

Five years already?!?

Man!! It doesn’t seem like that much time has passed. Maybe because he lives on in his writing.

Your missing him is understandable. Hopefully, you find some comfort in knowing how many people appreciate his work and feel a connection to his words. I think you can see some of that in this thread alone.

From: arlone
Your Dad was one of the best!

From: Hawkeye
I was always in awe of his writing. A great bowhunter, writer, and from the sincerity of your posts--an incredible father. So sorry for your loss and may he RIP.

From: Treeline
He was one of the true legends in our community. Definitely enjoyed his writing and got several opportunities to talk with him at events over the years. Always very approachable and I enjoyed our discussions. He lives on the hearts of many bowhunters. Am sure he’s up there sitting around the campfire with other great bowhunters telling tales about their adventures. Rest In Peace.

First thing I’d do when I’d get a new Peterson’s Bowhunting..... flip to the last page. A great humble bowhunter.....gone but never forgotten. RIP Jim.

Always creative and entertaining Man



A true legend that left a legacy, and set the bar high for others.

Thank you for sharing, what a great man!

From: Shrewski
I cannot believe it has been 5 years. That is happening to me a LOT lately. Loved his writings with such a great mix about the old days and how good we really have things now. I kept one magazine subscription for MANY years only for his back page column. RIP.

From: BC173
Where has the time gone. Sure do miss reading his Trails End column. A true legend and pioneer of our sport.

From: Altizer
I will say God bless and He surely did. God blessed all of us that called Jim our friend.

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