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Kids and wives bow set ups
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Ironbow-cell 21-Sep-20
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WI Shedhead 01-Oct-20
From: Ironbow-cell
What kind of set ups do you have your kids or wives shooting? Bow, draw weight, draw length, arrow weight, Broadheads?


From: Shawn
PSE Makes a Stinger bow package, one cam, tunes easy and great range of weights and draw lengths. Perfect from 7 or 8 up to adults! Shawn

From: milnrick
Millie's (Lady Bowhunter) set up is a

Prime Black One and Prime Syntergy; both set up at 50# and 26". Arrows are Victory (Pink) and broadheads are Montec 100 Gr or Deadmeat 100 gr.

You or your wife can PM me or Lady Bowhunter if you've got questions or if we csn help.

From: Brotsky
Wife shoots an Elite spirit 45# at 24", arrow weight is 360 gr Kid #1 shoots a Hoyt Carbon Spyder FX 50# at 24.5", arrow weight is also 360 gr Kid #2 shoots a Mission Craze 2 at 40# at 24", arrow weight for him is 340 gr.

All 3 shoot RAD Madman 100 gr LPS 4-blade broadheads or RAD Rival 100 gr LPS.

From: Ziek
My wife (5' tall, about 100#) shoots a Hoyt CE at 24". She used to shoot 50#, but with advancing age is down to 43#. Arrows are FMJ 500 at 25 1/4" with VPA 125 3 blade, unvented, and a 20 gr. outsert. Total arrow weight is 421. She has killed almost every species in CO including elk and a cow moose with complete pass throughs most of the time.

From: LINK
My 11 year old shoots a hoyt Ruckus at 40#and 22” draw. Beaman ICS whiteouts with weed eater string in the shaft. I’ve slept since I weighed her total arrow weight. I’m guessing 350 grain but I’m not sure. Slick trick standards.

Daughter 14yrs old - 43lb Diamond Knock Out, 26' draw, Goldtip arrows with 100gr Magnus Buzzcut stingers

From: 12yards
I bought old good used bows for my kids. I bought a Ross CR334 for one son and a Diamond Iceman for another son. My third son got one of my Synergys (that one hurt a bit, I love that bow). Might take that one back and give him the Impulse 34 instead.

From: Gileguy
Karla shoots a Hoyt Trykon, only drawing about 37# on a 40# bow. No worries, blows a 2 blade through every buck she shoots!!

From: bowhunter55
My wife Dawn shoots a Mathews Jewel set at 50# with a 27"draw. Easton FMJ Injexion arrows and VPA 100gr Terminator broadheads for a total arrow weight of 460 grs. She's deadly with it.

From: David Geyer
Hard to beat a Mission Craze. Lots of room for adjustment.

Diamond infinite edge

15 to 70 lbs

12 to 30 inches

Can adjust it by yourself on a table with no bow press needed. Just a couple allen wrenches. It is ingenious and shoots well.

From: APauls
LOL I thought this was for sure in reference to the whisker biscuit thread

From: Glunt@work
Wife doesn't shoot. Son (14) has a Fleetwood Timberline longbow 45# (about 42# at his draw), GoldTip Velocity, 145gr Zwickey Eskimo and daughter (11) has a Fleetwood Monarch recurve 20#, Surewood Douglas Fir arrows, no broadheads yet.

From: Will
My wife, today is about 40#. Hasnt been shooting much the past few years and just getting back to it, hoping to hunt a bit when our season opens in a month.

She draw's 25", shooting an Elite Ice. She's using some sort of Easton arrows I dont remember the model off the top of my head, but with 100grn Magnus Stingers for heads - a set up that's yielded pass through's for her.

From: fubar racin
Wife shoots a hoyt power max vixen 50# 24 inch draw 515grain arrow.

From: Urbncwby
My 12 year old is shooting a Mission Craze II at 24” and 50lbs. Shooting an Eason Bloodline shaft with 100gr Magnus Stingers.

From: lewis
I would check out Ucsdryders set up sure worked for Steph Lewis

From: Sand man

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My daughter Lexie who passed in 2013 shot a Diamond edge.

I’ve since hunted with it the last few years and it is a very functioning bow.

She pulled around 40# and I’ve hunted with it pulling 46#.

Gets the job done and has meant a lot to tag a few deer with it being she was not afforded the opportunity to do.

Shooting carbon express 29” arrows tipped with 100gr NAP spitfires with cut on contact tip (bladed/not chiseled)

From: Jagwab
I'm not a kid or a woman, but as an example, at 57 w/health issues I am currently shooting the same such rigs as I set up 6 children with over the years. I'm shooting a 2016 Bear Escape SD (short draw) 44# @ 26.5". Its pushing a 410gr Easton Powerflight/100gr NBS Musacchia broadhead 240fps. Last season same setup took a large doe at 25yds quartering away, centered a near-side rib, and broke the far-side humerus lodging inside the skin on the far shoulder. If I could still do it, I would feel 100% confident with this same rig on elk as well.


From: stringgunner
Diamond Edge. Great bow for youth!

From: WI Shedhead
Don’t want to highjack this thread. If anyone is interested pm me. I have 3 missin craze/ menace bows fully rigged that I’m looking to unload.

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