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Annihilator broadheads
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Slider14 21-Sep-20
So467 21-Sep-20
Nick Muche 22-Sep-20
Glunt@work 22-Sep-20
WV Mountaineer 22-Sep-20
GF 22-Sep-20
Zim 22-Sep-20
GF 22-Sep-20
From: Slider14
Anyone using Annihilator broadheads? I’m thinking about changing! Thanks

From: So467
Got a buddy chasing elk in wy now. If he connects I’ll post up some pics. He is using the 100 grain model

From: Nick Muche
They are all on back order AND quite a bit more expensive than the tried and true brands that have and will continue to kill stuff. Where is the end in broad head design/hype?

From: Glunt@work

Nick x 2.

People chasing their dreams I reckon.

From: GF
I watched as much of that video as I could stand…

This guy is talking about high pressure waves and low pressure waves and an arrowhead that hits like a Mack truck... And results in a whole lot of “blood-shot meat in places you’ve never seen it before“.

“Shoving the internal organs out out the way”?

Umm.... at that rate, why not just hunt with a blunt?

Seems to me that this guy is selling a product to bowhunters without so much as having taken Bowhunter Ed 101. Does he honestly NOT realize that those “pressure waves“ that “no other arrowhead can produce“ are simply proof that he has developed the most-highly-resistant-to-penetration Broadhead on the market???

It is well known around here that I take a dim view of mechanicals because they are highly resistant to penetration, and they smack the animal so hard that I’ve never seen video of a deer shot with a mechanical that was NOT running like it had its ass on fire. But at least those offer you a substantial increase in cutting diameter over a lot of fixed-blades (provided your set-up can deliver the necessary penetration). This thing (at a hair over 7/8”) just BARELY satisfies the legal minimum in the states with which I’m familiar.

With the popularity of wide-cut mechanicals, I’m sure they must have started out with wider heads and probably had to take it down and down and down to the legal minimum just to get it to pass through a small pot roast.

And seriously, fellas… friction on an arrow shaft??? As if BLOOD isn’t a perfectly satisfactory lubricant for that purpose?

I’ve got to give them credit though… I have never seen so many nonexistent problems solved by a single gimmick. I guess maybe that should count for something?

From: Zim
Personally I would like to see them use a more aggressive product name. Potentially interlace some profanity in there as well? I think they left a lot of marketing potential on the table frankly...

From: GF
Maybe change the company name to KTMF and make Annihilator the model designation?

“ Dear don’t ALWAYS stand there looking puzzled when you put an arrow clean through them, but when they do… You can bet it was a two-blade COC.“

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