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Wisconsin Biggun Taken By 11Year Old
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From: JL

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Didn't see this posted on the main forums. Another biggun taken by this young hunter. Congrats to her. Estimated live weight was over 800lbs.

Wisconsin girl, 11, harvests black bear weighing over 700 pounds, is hoping to take state record

An 11-year-old girl in Wisconsin may have just set the record for the largest black bear ever harvested in the state.

Naiya Iraci, 11, hadn’t ever even seen a black bear before Sept. 9, let alone shot one. But on that day – the first day of Wisconsin’s bear season – she spotted a massive black bear while hunting with her grandfather Michael Frank, and “dropped [the bear] with one shot,” her grandfather said.

“Proud to say my hunting partner, Naiya… took a #718.5 Black bear yesterday evening,” he wrote the next day on Facebook.

Iraci and Frank first spotted the bear on his property in Clark County, WSAW reported. And although Iraci admitted to the station that she was “kind of shaking” as soon as she saw it, she hit her target from 27 yards away.

Frank said they later dressed the animal in the field to preserve its meat and weigh its entrails, per guidance from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). They later used two certified scales to determine the bear’s field-dressed weight – 720 pounds – but Frank estimates the animal weighed closer to 813 pounds before dressing.

However, the Wisconsin DNR doesn’t measure state-record bears by weight, Frank soon learned. Instead, they rely on the Boone & Crockett Club measurement of the animal’s dried skull.

“The skull now has to be cleaned and then dried for 60 days before it is officially scored,” he wrote on Facebook, adding that his taxidermist measured the skull at around 22 inches, and thinks the animal will “definitely” enter the record books.

“But now we will have to wait until the official score comes through,” Frank wrote. “Let's all keep our fingers crossed for Naiya's bear’s placement in the record book.”

For now, though, Frank told WSAW that he and Iraci are “just going to have to wait.”

DNR wildlife biologist Matthew Gross confirmed to Fox News that the Wisconsin DNR does not keep official records for the largest black bear (by weight), so skull size is often used as the official metric. However, to his knowledge, the unofficial record for largest black bear (by weight) may be held by Dennis Arndt, who harvested a 780 pound bear in 2014 (as reported in this Post Crecent article) or an 802-pound bear that was reportedly taken back in 1885. In either case, Gross said Iraci's bear "could potentially" top either of those bears, as it's typical to assume that her field-dressed bear would have weighed an extra 10–15% when alive.

The Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club, meanwhile, appears to keep official records of the largest recorded skull, and recognizes several Wisconsin hunters with the title, depending on the method of harvest.

From: Dutch oven
If it had been a real archery kill I'd be impressed.

From: Camcudde
Dutch oven- jealous much?

From: Dpat
Good for her! Getting her hooked on the outdoors at an early age.

From: DConcrete
I guess the fact that children are out enjoying the outdoors means nothing to Dutch.

I’ll get them Involved any way I can.

That’s a giant congrats to the young Lady.

Congrats to the girl and mentors.

From: JL

JL's Link
This link has her interview. She has taken a couple of other critters too. That is a huge bear.

From: grossklw
Dutch are you like 12? Good god, she's 11 and killed a big bear, better find a way to nitpick at her. Feel free to post the picture of your 700 pounder on here. Can't imagine how miserable your life is to post something so stupid directed at an 11 year old girl.

From: Buskill
What a beast! Good for her. Also, if you think you have to be archery only to be a real hunter then you are a moron.

More amazing than the size is that there are still news stations that report on such things.

From: PECO
WTF is wrong with you Dutch? Great bear, congrats to the kid.

Nice bear!

Congrats. That is huge!

From: iceman
Wow Dutch, you're a real class act.

Congratulations to the kid. Love seeing youth in the outdoors.

I believe Dutch was simply commenting on a non archery kill posted on a clearly designated archery site. Has nothing to do with the youth, or denigrating her success.

From: APauls
I think Dutch was just sarcastic.

But the bear - whoooooie what a doozie! Congrats to the hunter and her mentors.

From: Dyjack
Wow! What a tank

From: spike78
I’m curious what caliber she was using!

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