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Jweb 24-Sep-20
andyschaef 24-Sep-20
SteveB 25-Sep-20
Sean D. 26-Sep-20
Ucsdryder 27-Sep-20
SteveB 28-Sep-20
Ermine 28-Sep-20
From: Jweb
Has anyone had any experience with the Zoleo satellite devices? It looks like a similar device to an inReach but about $150-$200 cheaper. Looks like the subscriptions will cost a little more (3 month minimum), which I would likely only activate for a month or two out of the year.

From: andyschaef
I bought the zoleo a few months ago and really like it, the app is great and very easy to use. One nice feature is that you can send messages over WiFi or cell service which makes it simpler if you are going in and out of service areas. I chose it over the Garmin solely for the price difference, but I've been VERY pleased with it.

From: SteveB
Does Zoleo have its own satellites?

From: Sean D.
I have InReach, my buddies have Zoleo. Their messages go through way faster than mine

From: Ucsdryder

Ucsdryder's Link

From: SteveB
They both use the iridium network which is quite interesting when you hear that the Zoleo messages go through faster.

From: Ermine
The zoleo looks nice The price for the unit is cheaper..however the subscription prices are about the same and if you turn it off you get charged $4 a month. When I only need the unit for a month or 2 it’s hard to pay money for when it’s not in use

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