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Highlight of this year's elk season
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jordanathome 27-Sep-20
TrapperKayak 28-Sep-20
From: jordanathome

jordanathome's embedded Photo
jordanathome's embedded Photo
Saw no elk in person despite 12 days in the field trying hard to find one. I did get my game cams back now that Coffee Pot is open. Found this pic on a cam I had hung earlier that day by a couple hours......spooky. Meow

This camera had the most pics. Lots of cow elk in August. By late August it appears them moved on and after that..........wait for it.........sheep. LOL

Lessons learned this year is I need to find a way to get a tag to hunt beef and lamb. Had plenty of opportunities on those. Oh and Moose....saw some moose.

The End.

From: TrapperKayak
The highlight of this elk season for me is that it is the last elk season in which I will not participate. After this year, elk season will by on my annual schedule.

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